Il Gioco E' Vietato Ai Minori Di Anni 18. Il Gioco Puo' Causare Dipendenza. Gioca Responsabilmente

Main Event

Krizan Triples Up


Enver Abduraimov made the unconventional play of open-limping on the button, which prompted Tony G to complete his small blind. Zelkjo Krizan then moved all in from the big blind and both his opponents called, Tony G saying, "You only live once," as he tossed in his calling chips.

Unfortunately that was the last of the betting. As both active players checked down the {10-Hearts}{2-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{9-Spades} board, Tony G showing {j-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}, Abduraimov {4-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} and Krizan took down the pot with {A-Diamonds}{Q-Diamonds}.

Chip counts
Enver Abduraimov 300,000 94,000
Zeljko Krizan 160,000 74,000
Tony G au 140,000 23,000

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