Il Gioco E' Vietato Ai Minori Di Anni 18. Il Gioco Puo' Causare Dipendenza. Gioca Responsabilmente

Main Event

Isaia Shoves On Genovesi

Alessio Isaia

Alessio Isaia opened to 80,000 on the button and next to act was Jackson Genovesi three-bet to 200,000. Yorane Kerignard folded but Isaia had other ideas and he moved all-in for a shade over 900,000.

"You have the good old ace-nine yeah? Good shove," said Genovesi as he folded his hand.

Chip counts
Jackson Genovesi 2,000,000 500,000
Yorane Kerignard fr 1,750,000 -250,000
Alessio Isaia it 1,000,000 -500,000

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