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Main Event

Kanit Steals From Aladin

[user169806] • Livello 2: 75-150, 0 ante

Aladin Mrkaljevic has just had his fingers burned sligtly after a clash with Mustapha Kanit.

It was Kanit who opened the betting with a raise to 300 from middle position and the action then folded to Mrkaljevic on the button. He paused before announcing a raise to 900 and placing a pink 1,000 chip over the betting line.

Both blinds folded, putting the action back onto Kanit and after 30 seconds of thinking time Kanit decided to four-bet to 2,525 and Mrkaljevic quickly got out of the way.

As he was mucking Kanit showed the {2-Clubs} much the amusement of the rest of the table.

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