Il Gioco E' Vietato Ai Minori Di Anni 18. Il Gioco Puo' Causare Dipendenza. Gioca Responsabilmente

Gioca Responsabilmente Gioca Responsabilmente Gioca Responsabilmente 18 +
Main Event

Seat 5: Zeljko Krizan - 174,000

Zeljko Krizan

Zeljko Krizan arrives at the final table as the shortest stack with only 11BB. The 20-year old who hails from Montenegro is in his first-year as a professional poker player and this is his first-ever live cash, earned through playing his first-ever WPT event.

Krizan's tactics have been very simple indeed. Find the right spot and just get the money in the middle. When playing against the players of the ilk of Phil Hellmuth, this is the perfect strategy, and in fact he tripled up in the hand that resulted in the elimination of Hellmuth during day two, and also eliminated Tony G in 10th place during day three. Two quite impressive scalps for the man whose favourite hand is jack-ten-suited.

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