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Event #10: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em / Six Handed

Spinella Props Up Papola


Anthony Spinella has had two-thirds of his stack shipped over to Jeffrey Papola as the action continues on the final table of Event #10 here at the WSOP.

The action folded to Spinella who raised to 60,000 from the button; Bryan Colin folded his small blind, but Papola came back with a reraise from the big blind, making it 165,000 to go. Spinella called and the dealer spread the flop of {2-Spades}{4-Spades}{3-Clubs}.

Papola led out for 190,000 and after some consideration, Spinella announced he was all-in. Papola snap-called.

Papola: {4-Hearts}{4-Clubs}
Spinella: {K-Clubs}{5-Clubs}

Neither the turn of the {10-Spades} or the river {2-Hearts} were of any help to Spinella and he went straight back to tweeting on his phone as the dealer pushed over the pot to Papola.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Jeffrey Papola us
Jeffrey Papola
us 2,450,000 1,310,000
Anthony Spinella us
Anthony Spinella
us 615,000 -1,165,000

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