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2011 World Series of Poker

Event #19: $2,500 Limit Hold'em / Six Handed

Blind vs. Blind

We caught the action in this hand on a {10-Clubs}{8-Spades}{7-Clubs} flop. Andrey Zaichecko bet from the small blind and was called by Jesse Chinni in the big. The same action occurred on the {5-Clubs} turn, leading to the {A-Clubs} river. This time Zaichenko checked, Chinni bet, and Zaichenko hit the tank.

He didn't seem happy about making the call, but he did nonetheless. "You win," Chinni immediately declared. Indeed, Zaichenko flipped {J-Spades}{8-Hearts} to take down the pot.

Chip counts
Jesse Chinni us 88,000 64,500
Andrey Zaichenko ru 24,000 14,000

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