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Event #2: $25,000 Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship


• Livello 11: 10,000-20,000, 0 ante

It's Hansen advancing to the round of eight after he's just taken care of Tom Dwan in a see-saw battle.

On the final hand, Gus Hansen opened to 220,000 from the button, and Dwan let out a big sigh and announced a three-bet all in. It was about 320,000 total, but Hansen took pause to let Dwan squirm before announcing the call and flipping up {K-Spades} {9-Spades}. Dwan was working with {Q-Hearts} {10-Hearts}, and he'd need to improve to stay alive.

He would not. The board ran out {9-Clubs} {A-Clubs} {4-Diamonds} {A-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds}, and Hansen's aces and nines punch his ticket into tomorrow's Elite Eight.

As poker bloggers, we're admittedly happy that the match is over. But for the 100+ fans that were standing elbow-to-elbow along the rail, it seems the structure could have been just a bit slower to avoid the shove-fest that the match degraded into. It's no matter to Hansen, always content to gamble.

It's another nice run for the Great Dane, the winner of the WSOP's last big-buyin heads-up event. In September of last year, Hansen took down the £10,000 Heads-Up event at the WSOP-E for just shy of £300,000, and he'll be the betting favorite heading into the final two days of this event as he looks for the quasi-repeat.

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