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Event #7: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship

Vinas Climbing

Action folded all the way around to Stephen Chidwick in the small blind and he raised to 40,000. Tommy Vinas was in the big blind and put in a reraise to 100,000. Chidwick made the call and it was heads up to the {4-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{2-Hearts} flop. At that point, Chidwick check-called a bet of 90,000 and then checked the {7-Clubs} turn.

Vinas kept the pressure on with a bet of 220,000 and Chidwick opted to release his hand.

Chip counts
Tommy Vinas 1,350,000 128,000
Stephen Chidwick gb 575,000 -168,000

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