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Event #7: $10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em Championship

Negreanu and Esfandiari Gamble It Up

• Livello 5: 200-400, 0 ante
Antonio Esfandiari

We just witnessed something very curious and entertaining develop. As far as we could tell, Daniel Negreanu owed Antonio Esfandiari a chunk of money and promptly paid him in cash-value chips. However, Negreanu ended up paying $1,835 too much, meaning Esfandiari now owed Negreanu. Instead of worrying about it, the two decided to let it ride on a game of "Red-Black" on the next flop.

If you're not familiar, that simply means each player chooses either red or black, and if the flop comes down two or three of that color, they win. Negreanu immediately chose black and watched as the next flop fell black. Suddenly Esfandiari went from owing $1,835 to owing $3,670. Obviously they had to do it again.

Impatient for action, both Negreanu and Esfandiari bounced from table to table looking for one about to deal a flop, Eventually they found one and again Negreanu took black. Lucky for Esfandiari, it came down red.

"I could have won a million these," Negreanu joked about the game.

"I felt you were getting [all the money] back," Esfandiari said. "That would've really hurt, Daniel. I would've gone again."

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