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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #17: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better
Giorni 1
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2023 World Series of Poker

Risultati finali
Mano Vincente
Event Info
Informazioni livello
300,000 / 600,000
Informazioni Giocatori - Giorno 1
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Event #17: $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Giorno 1 completo

Chris Tryba Among the Big Stacks to Bag Day 1 of $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Livello 15
Chris Tryba
Chris Tryba

The agreed upon theme of the 2023 World Series of Poker at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas could only be described as "record-breaking" and Event #17: Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better helped to etch that notion into stone as the tournament field broke last year's already record-breaking field by 76 entries, with its 1,143 player field making it the largest Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better tournament in WSOP history.

Along with breaking the record for field size for a second straight year, the event also generated a prize pool of $1,525,905, which is a record of its own. When the 394 remaining players return for Day 2, they will be looking to finish in the top 172 of the field to secure a $2,404 in-the-money finish, with the goal of everyone in the room being to finish in the top spot worth a staggering $262,542 and a coveted WSOP gold bracelet.

End of Day 1 Top Ten Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Adel ShakerianUnited States239,00060
2Benjamin VidalUnited States210,50053
3Colin BurtonCanada202,50051
4Sergey ZaporozhetsRussia187,00047
5Nitesh RawtaniUnited States177,50044
6Jason DalyUnited States176,50044
7Ryan ScullyUnited States175,00044
8Smith SirisakornUnited States169,00042
9Hlias AzakasUnited States167,00042
10Glen MunroUnited States166,50042

There are a number of notable names left in the field including but certainly not limited to Chris Tryba (146,500), Phil Hellmuth (45,000), Mike Matusow (68,500), Max Pescatori (130,000) and Ryan Leng (85,500).

Colin Burton is among the chip leaders, having bagged 202,500. Benjamin Vidal crammed 210,500 chips into his overnight bag, while Adel Shakerian leads the way with a 239,000 stack.

The reigning champion of this event, Amnon Filippi, did enter on Day 1 with intentions of defending his title from last year but fell before the night ended. Other notables that busted short of Day 2 were Allen Kessler and Norman Chad, both of whom never got much going in terms of momentum.

The 394 players to bag Day 1 will return to the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas at 1:00 p.m. local time on June 7 for the start of Day 2 with ten 60-minute levels of play scheduled. Stay tuned to PokerNews all summer long for up-to-date action on this and all events at the 2023 World Series of Poker!

Tags: Allen KesslerAmnon FilippiChris TrybaColin BurtonDustin EthridgeMax PescatoriMike MatusowNorman ChadPhil HellmuthRyan Leng

Day 2 Seat Draw (Horseshoe Tables 541-593)

Livello 15
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe5411Jeffrey CohenUnited States77,50019
Horseshoe5412Evan CruseUnited States41,50010
Horseshoe5413Joseph HoffmanUnited States84,50021
Horseshoe5414Anatolii ZyrinRussia54,50014
Horseshoe5415Andrew KerstineUnited States25,0006
Horseshoe5416Tobin RoteUnited States13,5003
Horseshoe5417George MardenUnited States64,50016
Horseshoe5418Jason AcostaUnited States150,00038
Horseshoe5421Nicolas MilgromUnited States127,00032
Horseshoe5422Paul GunnessUnited States47,50012
Horseshoe5423Cassio PisapiaBrazil19,5005
Horseshoe5424Yingui LiChina26,0007
Horseshoe5425Pearce ArnoldUnited States90,50023
Horseshoe5426DID NOT REPORT 6United States99,50025
Horseshoe5427Sayidakhrork IbrokhimUnited States56,50014
Horseshoe5428Ronald HalperinUnited States66,00017
Horseshoe5431Arturo ChapaUnited States106,50027
Horseshoe5432Bradley BeetzUnited States18,0005
Horseshoe5433Kevin BiernackiUnited States73,00018
Horseshoe5434Kirk LobermanUnited States19,5005
Horseshoe5435William SmithUnited States75,00019
Horseshoe5436Ben RossUnited States87,50022
Horseshoe5437Andrew BrownUnited States89,00022
Horseshoe5438Jason AdamsUnited States152,00038
Horseshoe5511Scott FitzhughUnited States63,00016
Horseshoe5512Ilya DymentUnited States120,50030
Horseshoe5513Danny WongUnited States80,00020
Horseshoe5514Bryan JollyUnited States74,00019
Horseshoe5515Ryan HansenUnited States14,0004
Horseshoe5516Kenneth BrossoitUnited States20,0005
Horseshoe5517Marc TushnetUnited States70,50018
Horseshoe5518Dekel BalasUnited States73,00018
Horseshoe5521Nick PolydorosUnited States32,0008
Horseshoe5522Frankie O'DellUnited States61,50015
Horseshoe5523Hye ParkUnited States70,50018
Horseshoe5524Tahir MajidUnited States55,00014
Horseshoe5525Paresh DoshiUnited Kingdom105,00026
Horseshoe5526Jason MayerUnited States134,00034
Horseshoe5527Miles BarnumUnited States24,0006
Horseshoe5528Stanislav IvanovBulgaria43,00011
Horseshoe5531Maury BarrettUnited States73,50018
Horseshoe5532Susan KaneUnited States72,50018
Horseshoe5533Daniel ZhuUnited States52,50013
Horseshoe5534Michael CoombsUnited States41,50010
Horseshoe5535Sterling SavillUnited States69,00017
Horseshoe5536Chris TrybaUnited States146,50037
Horseshoe5537Paul BarnardUnited States91,50023
Horseshoe5538Luis VeladorUnited States117,50029
Horseshoe5611Michel MerlittiCanada80,50020
Horseshoe5612Dale PhillipsUnited States103,50026
Horseshoe5613Kathy ChangUnited States17,5004
Horseshoe5614Joseph CutriUnited States29,0007
Horseshoe5615Noah BronsteinUnited States54,50014
Horseshoe5616Clayton HolmesUnited States99,50025
Horseshoe5617Benjamin KramerUnited States15,5004
Horseshoe5618Abdullah Al-ShantiUnited States105,50026
Horseshoe5621Dustin EthridgeUnited States20,1005
Horseshoe5622David DeandaUnited States147,00037
Horseshoe5623Dennis MooreUnited States88,00022
Horseshoe5624John BunchUnited States52,50013
Horseshoe5625Donny RubinsteinUnited States143,50036
Horseshoe5626Sami BechahedUnited States52,50013
Horseshoe5627Jermaine ReidUnited States86,50022
Horseshoe5628Roneil BalaniUnited States117,50029
Horseshoe5631Sean TrohaUnited States122,50031
Horseshoe5632Jim CollopyUnited States111,50028
Horseshoe5633Brandon ButlerUnited States50,50013
Horseshoe5634Gene PyoUnited States45,50011
Horseshoe5635Hlias AzakasUnited States167,00042
Horseshoe5636Teemu KangasvieriAustralia121,50030
Horseshoe5637Ke ChenChina36,5009
Horseshoe5638Thomas HarveyAustralia10,0003
Horseshoe5711Chad CampbellUnited States106,00027
Horseshoe5712John PratherUnited States42,50011
Horseshoe5713Erik PerryUnited States95,50024
Horseshoe5714Joseph WeinbergerUnited States68,50017
Horseshoe5715Joseph CalleUnited States46,50012
Horseshoe5716Damjan RadanovUnited States111,00028
Horseshoe5717Mark GregorichUnited States83,00021
Horseshoe5718Phil HellmuthUnited States45,00011
Horseshoe5721Michael KahnUnited States73,00018
Horseshoe5722Zachary HatcherUnited States90,00023
Horseshoe5723Jay KerbelUnited States50,00013
Horseshoe5724Robert YassUnited States14,0004
Horseshoe5725Christoph CsikUnited States45,50011
Horseshoe5726Ryan ScullyUnited States175,00044
Horseshoe5727Joshua FarisUnited States98,50025
Horseshoe5728Quinn DoUnited States41,00010
Horseshoe5731Christopher JesterUnited States23,0006
Horseshoe5732Stephen CalhounUnited States49,00012
Horseshoe5733Kevin McintoshUnited States71,00018
Horseshoe5734Michael RussellUnited States70,50018
Horseshoe5735Barbara KayUnited States66,00017
Horseshoe5736Gregory DrakeUnited States79,00020
Horseshoe5737Brian OrricoUnited States46,50012
Horseshoe5738Jerry WongUnited States83,00021
Horseshoe5811Hoyt VernerUnited States42,50011
Horseshoe5812Dustin StrauchUnited States82,50021
Horseshoe5813Yong WangChina65,00016
Horseshoe5814Colin BurtonCanada202,50051
Horseshoe5815Andrew YehUnited States122,00031
Horseshoe5816Domnick SarleUnited States63,00016
Horseshoe5817Tony SinishtajUnited States85,00021
Horseshoe5818Ngoc Nguyen (Long)United States71,50018
Horseshoe5821Renan BruschiBrazil83,50021
Horseshoe5822Brian HafterUnited States33,5008
Horseshoe5823Clayton MozdzenCanada95,00024
Horseshoe5824Nang XiongUnited States21,5005
Horseshoe5825Anthony BellinoUnited States124,50031
Horseshoe5826Joshua RothbergUnited States31,5008
Horseshoe5827Dominic GranteedUnited States89,00022
Horseshoe5828Lok ChanHong Kong81,00020
Horseshoe5831Brad RubenUnited States98,00025
Horseshoe5832Amit SanderUnited States34,5009
Horseshoe5833Fernando HabeggerSwitzerland113,00028
Horseshoe5834Mitar KalezicCanada42,50011
Horseshoe5835Michael KrescankoUnited States56,50014
Horseshoe5836Patrick StaceyUnited States134,00034
Horseshoe5837Lu YuanUnited States82,00021
Horseshoe5838Jason RiesenbergUnited States139,50035
Horseshoe5911Kevin HildebrandUnited States143,00036
Horseshoe5912Eugene JiUnited States66,50017
Horseshoe5913Michael NooriUnited States25,5006
Horseshoe5914Jorge LeonUnited States129,00032
Horseshoe5915Christopher BattenfieldUnited States26,5007
Horseshoe5917Kyle CartwrightUnited States23,5006
Horseshoe5918Omar MehmoodUnited States45,00011
Horseshoe5921Christopher VitchUnited States74,00019
Horseshoe5922Eita SakaiJapan102,00026
Horseshoe5923Octaviano DuranUnited States73,00018
Horseshoe5924William KoppUnited States89,50022
Horseshoe5925James DemartiniUnited States22,5006
Horseshoe5926Eric HessUnited States50,00013
Horseshoe5927Duster EllisUnited States101,50025
Horseshoe5928Marc FarrarUnited States6,0002
Horseshoe5931Connor DrinanUnited States157,00039
Horseshoe5932Jonathan BergstromUnited States73,00018
Horseshoe5933Tom SchneiderUnited States42,50011
Horseshoe5934Rick StockfieldUnited States116,00029
Horseshoe5935Gabe RamosUnited States126,00032
Horseshoe5936Christopher KennedyUnited States81,50020
Horseshoe5937Bradley ButcherUnited States52,00013
Horseshoe5938DID NOT REPORT 3United States138,00035

Day 2 Seat Draw (Horseshoe Tables 600-632)

Livello 15
CasinoTableSeatPlayerChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe6001Itsuko YoroiJapan89,500
Horseshoe6002Tony MaUnited States95,000
Horseshoe6003David WilliamsUnited States70,000
Horseshoe6004John CernutoUnited States56,000
Horseshoe6006Anthony LampsUnited States40,000
Horseshoe6007Christopher ClaassenUnited States57,000
Horseshoe6008Benjamin ArmstrongUnited States36,000
Horseshoe6011Jaswinder LallyCanada58,500
Horseshoe6012Matthew KursarUnited States31,500
Horseshoe6013Benjamin CovingtonUnited States86,500
Horseshoe6014Gregory JamisonUnited States70,500
Horseshoe6015Marco JohnsonUnited States120,500
Horseshoe6016Derek FudescoUnited States58,000
Horseshoe6017Ismael BojangAustria145,000
Horseshoe6018Nathan GambleUnited States95,000
Horseshoe6021Martin CorpuzUnited States101,500
Horseshoe6022Bret HansenUnited States20,000
Horseshoe6023Dustin WoodUnited States69,500
Horseshoe6024Jason MinUnited States75,500
Horseshoe6025Kyle BurnsideUnited States122,000
Horseshoe6026Brock GaryUnited States29,000
Horseshoe6027Claude MarbleuFrance72,000
Horseshoe6028Israel GarciaUnited States150,000
Horseshoe6031Caleb ShumardUnited States140,000
Horseshoe6032Nick PuderUnited States18,000
Horseshoe6033Glen MunroUnited States166,500
Horseshoe6034Eric VarnadoUnited States142,000
Horseshoe6035Vitaliy MikhovUnited States58,500
Horseshoe6036Alfred AtamianUnited States149,000
Horseshoe6037Richard DavisUnited States100,500
Horseshoe6038Ryan HaasUnited States101,000
Horseshoe6041Evgeni TourevskiUnited States104,500
Horseshoe6042Ashish GuptaAustralia122,000
Horseshoe6043Leonard DeloteusUnited States16,500
Horseshoe6044Aubrey GilbertUnited States110,500
Horseshoe6045Pascal LeyoUnited States48,000
Horseshoe6046Brian SchanielUnited States90,000
Horseshoe6047Neil YekellUnited States31,500
Horseshoe6048Zengyong LinCanada77,500
Horseshoe6051Linda JohnsonUnited States129,000
Horseshoe6052Nicholas RavagoUnited States29,000
Horseshoe6053DID NOT REPORT 5United States51,000
Horseshoe6054Michael ChearneyUnited States40,000
Horseshoe6055Murilo FigueredoBrazil111,000
Horseshoe6056Colton BlombergUnited States115,000
Horseshoe6057Vincent CalicchiaUnited States26,000
Horseshoe6058Elise RosenUnited States45,500
Horseshoe6061Craig FishmanUnited States54,000
Horseshoe6062Neil MichaelUnited States47,000
Horseshoe6063Robert TurnerUnited States111,000
Horseshoe6064Mike MatusowUnited States68,500
Horseshoe6065William KerkaertUnited States85,500
Horseshoe6066Sterling AllenUnited States102,000
Horseshoe6067Glen ShortinoUnited States27,500
Horseshoe6068David BachUnited States8,500
Horseshoe6071Corey EmeryUnited States76,000
Horseshoe6072Daniel GarnerUnited States57,500
Horseshoe6073Lori BerumenUnited States21,500
Horseshoe6074Bradley HelmUnited States17,000
Horseshoe6075Qinghai PanUnited States78,500
Horseshoe6076John HensonUnited States78,500
Horseshoe6078Binh LyUnited States91,000
Horseshoe6081Daniel PlonskerUnited States50,000
Horseshoe6082Cody SchererUnited States128,500
Horseshoe6083Ilkka HeikkilaFinland85,000
Horseshoe6084Michael ThalblumUnited States82,000
Horseshoe6085Peiwen WangUnited States65,000
Horseshoe6086Mike ThorpeUnited States46,500
Horseshoe6087Paul KordestaniUnited States7,500
Horseshoe6088James MeonoUnited States72,000
Horseshoe6091Michael BrottmanUnited States12,000
Horseshoe6092Robert RicciutiUnited States93,500
Horseshoe6093Chip JettUnited States78,500
Horseshoe6094Kristopher BurchfieldUnited States9,500
Horseshoe6095Steven MartinelliUnited States25,500
Horseshoe6096Anthony PitesaUnited States42,000
Horseshoe6097Federico OttenioUnited States39,000
Horseshoe6098John ZableUnited States82,500
Horseshoe6101DID NOT REPORT 1 90,500
Horseshoe6102Barry GreensteinUnited States30,500
Horseshoe6103Joshua SpinkUnited States18,000
Horseshoe6104Nicholas GoedertUnited States46,500
Horseshoe6105John JenkinsUnited States93,500
Horseshoe6106Kenneth PoUnited States97,500
Horseshoe6107Giuseppe PantaleoGermany76,500
Horseshoe6108Mike LesleUnited States130,000
Horseshoe6111Mark RolandUnited States68,500
Horseshoe6112DJ BuckleyUnited States9,500
Horseshoe6113Alex FoxenUnited States37,500
Horseshoe6114Jordan SpurlinUnited States71,500
Horseshoe6115Christopher LogueUnited States110,000
Horseshoe6116Nitesh RawtaniUnited States177,500
Horseshoe6117Ken AldridgeUnited States19,500
Horseshoe6118Mathew RegoCanada132,500
Horseshoe6121Tom McCormickUnited States36,500
Horseshoe6122Hyon Ku ChunUnited States56,000
Horseshoe6123Tomomitsu OnoJapan148,000
Horseshoe6124Dominik BaudSwitzerland94,500
Horseshoe6125Michael LeeUnited States56,000
Horseshoe6126Arne PedersonUnited States110,500
Horseshoe6127Matthew JimersonUnited States106,500
Horseshoe6128David McgivneyUnited States37,500
Horseshoe6131David DusomeCanada73,000
Horseshoe6132Benjamin VidalUnited States210,500
Horseshoe6133Michael KamenjarinUnited States28,000
Horseshoe6134Domingo EncisoUnited States64,000
Horseshoe6135Hyong Tae ChangCanada80,500
Horseshoe6136Michael JacobsUnited States17,500
Horseshoe6137Scott PackerUnited States20,000
Horseshoe6138James SzymanskiUnited States86,500
Horseshoe6141Salim ValimahomedUnited States93,000
Horseshoe6142John LovejoyUnited States33,500
Horseshoe6143Jon NakataniUnited States8,500
Horseshoe6145James CarterUnited States85,000
Horseshoe6146David ArshtUnited States93,000
Horseshoe6147Michael NifosiUnited States54,500
Horseshoe6148Tam HoUnited States76,500
Horseshoe6151Adel ShakerianUnited States239,000
Horseshoe6152Ihab AliUnited States88,500
Horseshoe6153James NewberryUnited States118,500
Horseshoe6154Christopher LabrieUnited States67,500
Horseshoe6155Long DuongUnited States59,000
Horseshoe6156Marc PerlmanUnited States35,000
Horseshoe6157Joseph AnselminiCanada26,500
Horseshoe6158Alan SternbergUnited States98,500
Horseshoe6161Robert HillUnited States1
Horseshoe6162Ruben CostaUnited States23,000
Horseshoe6163Eric GarciaUnited States74,000
Horseshoe6164Brandon Shack-HarrisUnited States40,000
Horseshoe6165Peter AugustineUnited States59,500
Horseshoe6167Alexander WilkinsonUnited States96,000
Horseshoe6168Paul PhillipsUnited States70,500
Horseshoe6171Maksim KarandeyevUnited States60,000
Horseshoe6172Jeff SardellaUnited States52,500
Horseshoe6173John RuggieriUnited States33,000
Horseshoe6174Ryan CaskeyUnited States84,500
Horseshoe6175Zachary DeneenUnited States46,000
Horseshoe6176Wendy FreedmanUnited States73,000
Horseshoe6177Hieu LuuUnited States78,500
Horseshoe6178John HoUnited States160,500
Horseshoe6181Lonnie PriceUnited States49,000
Horseshoe6182Denis NesterenkoRussia76,500
Horseshoe6183Michael PowersUnited States57,500
Horseshoe6184Valentin AlicanteUnited States9,500
Horseshoe6185Andrew LavenderUnited States25,000
Horseshoe6186Alexander PlachutinUnited States39,000
Horseshoe6187Yuebin GuoUnited States87,000
Horseshoe6188Max GoldaAustria43,500
Horseshoe6191Brent NevilleUnited States10,500
Horseshoe6192Smith SirisakornUnited States169,000
Horseshoe6193Shaun DeebUnited States58,500
Horseshoe6194Igor ZektserUnited States24,000
Horseshoe6195Peter WalsworthUnited States43,500
Horseshoe6196David AvinaUnited States7,500
Horseshoe6197James DennigUnited States52,500
Horseshoe6198Jesse DavidUnited States121,000
Horseshoe6201Matthew WoodwardUnited States59,000
Horseshoe6202Tom ZambitoUnited States53,500
Horseshoe6203Volodymyr KondratenkoUnited States83,000
Horseshoe6204Trey BrabhamUnited States81,500
Horseshoe6205Andreas FrohliUnited States88,000
Horseshoe6206Lawrence BergUnited States118,500
Horseshoe6207Michael SpegalUnited States70,000
Horseshoe6208Ryan BeckwithUnited States145,000
Horseshoe6211Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland47,500
Horseshoe6212DID NOT REPORT 4United States85,500
Horseshoe6213Scott SevilleUnited States8,500
Horseshoe6214Sergey ZaporozhetsRussia187,000
Horseshoe6215James ObstAustralia109,500
Horseshoe6216Jason RemshardtUnited States106,500
Horseshoe6217Joao Simao PeresBrazil106,000
Horseshoe6218Stephen WuUnited States18,500
Horseshoe6223Thomas TaylorCanada130,500
Horseshoe6224Kevin PetersenUnited States118,500
Horseshoe6225Brian KelleyUnited States73,500
Horseshoe6226Patrick GunnUnited States140,500
Horseshoe6227Ronan NallyUnited Kingdom105,500
Horseshoe6228Jeffrey MitseffUnited States103,000
Horseshoe6231Joshua SchleinUnited States86,000
Horseshoe6232Perry GreenUnited States41,500
Horseshoe6233Ronald McmillanUnited States62,500
Horseshoe6234Scott BaumsteinUnited States102,500
Horseshoe6235Rob HollinkNetherlands1
Horseshoe6236Michael JudgeUnited States24,000
Horseshoe6237Jacob FerroUnited States151,500
Horseshoe6241Michael ZepekUnited States18,500
Horseshoe6242James DempseyUnited Kingdom34,500
Horseshoe6243Bryan MiconUnited States76,000
Horseshoe6244Jeremy WestUnited States126,000
Horseshoe6245Marco OliveiraBrazil37,000
Horseshoe6246Mike LancasterUnited States42,000
Horseshoe6247DID NOT REPORT 2United States82,000
Horseshoe6248Dustin ProsUnited States76,500
Horseshoe6252Lemuel CardenoUnited States14,500
Horseshoe6253Sami HamidUnited States61,500
Horseshoe6254Max PescatoriItaly130,000
Horseshoe6255John SillUnited States88,000
Horseshoe6256Johann IbanezColombia93,000
Horseshoe6257Andrew EdgingtonUnited States9,000
Horseshoe6258Andreas FouliasUnited States61,500
Horseshoe6261John McguireUnited States82,500
Horseshoe6262Shady BadranUnited States51,000
Horseshoe6263Richard BrushettUnited States41,000
Horseshoe6264Clifford ZiffUnited States37,500
Horseshoe6265Aaron BarhamUnited States146,500
Horseshoe6266Jason DalyUnited States176,500
Horseshoe6267Alexandre FradinFrance42,000
Horseshoe6268Steven VargaUnited States73,000
Horseshoe6271Dave HillUnited States46,000
Horseshoe6272Sarah ShermanUnited States19,000
Horseshoe6274James HoeppnerUnited States60,500
Horseshoe6275Jordan SiegelUnited States33,500
Horseshoe6276Gerald EversUnited States22,000
Horseshoe6277Joe FordUnited States78,000
Horseshoe6278Jorge AlbaUnited States57,000
Horseshoe6281Chris BackCanada48,000
Horseshoe6282Tibor TolnaiHungary42,000
Horseshoe6283Rex LlorenUnited States49,500
Horseshoe6284Lee HortonUnited Kingdom52,500
Horseshoe6285Roger BeilesUnited States49,000
Horseshoe6286Lawrence RobinsonUnited States44,000
Horseshoe6287Rodney SpriggsUnited States72,000
Horseshoe6288John BergendahlUnited States48,500
Horseshoe6291Brendan TaylorUnited States18,000
Horseshoe6292Daniel IdemaCanada88,000
Horseshoe6293Ari EngelUnited States8,500
Horseshoe6294Anthony EspejoCanada50,000
Horseshoe6295Glenn UchiboriUnited States36,500
Horseshoe6296Jon TurnerUnited States97,500
Horseshoe6297Yongqin DanoUnited States29,000
Horseshoe6298Hao ZhangUnited States29,000
Horseshoe6301Gregory BallUnited States25,000
Horseshoe6302Mark BixlerUnited States165,000
Horseshoe6303Ben LandowskiUnited States90,000
Horseshoe6304Brian BolinUnited States1
Horseshoe6305Anoput PhimmasoneUnited States49,500
Horseshoe6306Jack WagnerUnited States46,000
Horseshoe6307Timothy WilliamsUnited States72,000
Horseshoe6308Joseph TrerotolaUnited States90,500
Horseshoe6311Benjamin GoldUnited States96,000
Horseshoe6312Justin LibertoUnited States41,500
Horseshoe6313Scott HorvathUnited States105,500
Horseshoe6314Warren KarpUnited States58,000
Horseshoe6315Arthur FarmerUnited States96,500
Horseshoe6316Jared KoppelUnited States121,500
Horseshoe6317Curtis PhelpsUnited States68,500
Horseshoe6321Steve ZolotowUnited States56,000
Horseshoe6324Malcolm GorseUnited Kingdom42,500
Horseshoe6325Frederik BrinkDenmark65,500
Horseshoe6326Tony LinUnited States49,500
Horseshoe6327Michael DobrichUnited States45,500

Official End-of-Day Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 15
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Adel Shakerian
Adel Shakerian
Day 1 Chip Leader
Benjamin Vidal
Benjamin Vidal
210,500 50,500
Colin Burton ca
Colin Burton
202,500 166,500
Sergey Zaporozhets ru
Sergey Zaporozhets
187,000 47,000
Nitesh Rawtani us
Nitesh Rawtani
Jason Daly us
Jason Daly
176,500 176,500
WSOP 1X Winner
Ryan Scully us
Ryan Scully
175,000 5,000
Smith Sirisakorn us
Smith Sirisakorn
WSOP 1X Winner
Hlias Azakas us
Hlias Azakas
Glen Munro us
Glen Munro
Mark Bixler us
Mark Bixler
John Ho us
John Ho
Connor Drinan us
Connor Drinan
WSOP 1X Winner
Jason Adams us
Jason Adams
152,000 32,000
Jacob Ferro us
Jacob Ferro
Jason Acosta us
Jason Acosta
Israel Garcia us
Israel Garcia
Alfred Atamian us
Alfred Atamian
Tomomitsu Ono jp
Tomomitsu Ono
David Deanda us
David Deanda
Chris Tryba us
Chris Tryba
146,500 -23,500
WSOP 1X Winner
Aaron Barham us
Aaron Barham
Ryan Beckwith us
Ryan Beckwith
Ismael Bojang de
Ismael Bojang
145,000 100,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Donny Rubinstein us
Donny Rubinstein

Leggi tutto

Lally Wins One with Only One Hand to Go

Livello 15

Action folded to the button who raised and Jesse Lally made the call to see the flop come down Q49.

Lally check-called a bet from the button and both players were off to a turn card that was the 5. Lally check-called again, prompting the dealer to put out the 6 on the river.

Lally checked once more but this time, his opponent checked back. Lally turned over the AAA10.

His opponent frustratingly mucked his cards and conceded the pot to Lally who said, "I couldn't get away from it" as he pulled in the pot.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Jesse Lally
Jesse Lally

Tags: Jesse Lally

Wilkinson Quarters Ma

Livello 15

Tony Ma raised from under the gun, then called when Alex Wilkinson reraised.

The flop came 8Q6 and Wilkinson continued with a bet. Ma called as the K fell on the turn.

Wilkinson bet again and Ma shot his opponent a quick glance before he tossed in a call. The river came the 7 and now Ma led out with a bet.

Wilkinson quickly called with A626 for trip sixes and a low. Ma had A2Q7 for an inferior two pair and the same low as Wilkinson took three-quarters of the pot.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Alex Wilkinson us
Alex Wilkinson
Tony Ma us
Tony Ma
WSOP 2X Winner

Tags: Alex WilkinsonTony Ma

Matusow Three-Quarters His Opponent

Livello 15

On a completed board reading 2358J with around 26,000 in the pot, Mike Matusow check-called a bet from his opponent before both players turned their cards up.

Matusow showed the AAJ3 while his opponent turned up the A852.

Matusow had the high hand with jacks and threes, but both Matusow and his opponent shared the same low, meaning that Matusow gets 75% of the pot, leaving his opponent quartered and winning only the remaining 25%.

Matusow is one of many big names that still remain as Day 1 nears it's conclusion.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Mike Matusow us
Mike Matusow
49,500 19,500
WSOP 4X Winner

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Kerkaert, Pros Chop Up Benardella

Livello 15

Larry Benardella bet on a board of 10769 from early position and was called by Dustin Pros in the cutoff. Bill Kerkaert, on the button, then raised, and both players called.

The river came the A, and Benardella stuck in his last chips. Both Pros and Kerkaert called to put him at risk.

Benardella had AJJ2, Pros showed 6632 for the low, while Kerkaert had 1082A for a straight to take the high pot. Benardella, left with nothing, was forced to head for the exit just a few minutes away from the end of the night.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Dustin Pros us
Dustin Pros
90,000 90,000
William Kerkaert us
William Kerkaert
84,000 84,000
Larry Benardella
Larry Benardella

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