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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #20: $1,500 Badugi
Giorni 1
Event Info

2023 World Series of Poker

Risultati finali
Mano Vincente
Event Info
Informazioni livello
150,000 / 300,000
Informazioni Giocatori - Giorno 1
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Event #20: $1,500 Badugi

Giorno 1 completo

Adam Owen Among Big Stacks in Event #20: $1,500 Badugi

Livello 15
Adam Owen
Adam Owen

Day 1 of Event #20: $1,500 Badugi at the 2023 World Series of Poker at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas concluded after 12 hours and 15 levels of play. Out of a starting field of 516, a total of 183 players were able to find a bag for Day 2, with British pro Adam Owen (192,000) among the big stacks at the end of the night.

William Toh (239,000) clinched the chip lead, while Yingui Li (217,500), Adam Clegg (212,500), and Jon Turner (198,500) also bagged substantial stacks.

End of Day 1 Top 10 Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1William TohUnited States239,00080
2Yingui LiChina217,50073
3Adam CleggUnited States212,50071
4Jon TurnerUnited States198,50066
5Adam OwenUnited Kingdom192,00064
6Roberto MarinUnited States183,50061
7Patrick MoulderUnited States157,50053
8Antonio PayneUnited States152,50051
9Valentin VornicuUnited States147,00049
10Paul MartinoUnited States146,00049

Given this was the first time the WSOP put on a bracelet event dedicated solely to Badugi, there were doubts as to the level of interest there would be in the variant. The entry numbers, however, entirely put those doubts to rest as they compare favourably with other mixed game $1,500 buy-in fields, even surpassing such events as the $1,500 Dealer's Choice and $1,500 Stud in size.

The 516 entrants generated a prize pool of $688,860 that will be split among the top 78 finishers, each of whom is guaranteed $2,409, although all eyes will be on the $144,678 and WSOP gold bracelet that go the eventual winner's way.

Among the many to take their seat at some point during the day and still be there at the end of the final level included three-time $10,000 Dealer's Choice champion Adam Friedman (126,500), 2022 WSOP POY Daniel Zack (120,500), and six-time WSOP bracelet winner Brian Hastings (118,000).

Other well-known names to take their shot but fall short included Poker Hall of Famer Barry Greenstein, Allen Kessler and birthday boy Benny Glaser.

The remaining players return to their seats at 1:00 p.m. on June 8 to play ten 60-minute levels, with blinds resuming in Level 16 at 1,500/3,000 with limits of 3,000/6,000. The money bubble has not yet burst, so there is everything to play for as the PokerNews live reporting team continues to provide live coverage throughout this three-day tournament.

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Seat Draw for Day 2

Livello 15
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe6001Phillip HuiUnited States55,00018
Horseshoe6002Timothy FrazinUnited States76,00025
Horseshoe6003Kyle MiholichUnited States10
Horseshoe6004Benjamin EilersUnited States88,50030
Horseshoe6005Shigeho YoshiokaJapan87,50029
Horseshoe6006Koray AldemirAustria45,00015
Horseshoe6011Walter ChambersUnited States107,50036
Horseshoe6012Shawn BuchananCanada33,00011
Horseshoe6013David BachUnited States107,50036
Horseshoe6014Travis PearsonUnited States56,00019
Horseshoe6015Christopher ClaassenUnited States61,50021
Horseshoe6016James NewberryUnited States113,00038
Horseshoe6021Sachin BhargavaUnited States89,00030
Horseshoe6022James HoeppnerUnited States19,5007
Horseshoe6023Rupesh PattniUnited States53,50018
Horseshoe6024Andrew BarberUnited States20,0007
Horseshoe6025Renan BruschiBrazil50,50017
Horseshoe6026Michael CoombsUnited States34,00011
Horseshoe6031Nghia DoUnited States27,0009
Horseshoe6032William TaylorUnited States83,00028
Horseshoe6033Serhii PopovychUnited States145,50049
Horseshoe6034William MarshUnited States67,50023
Horseshoe6035Alan MyersonUnited States91,00030
Horseshoe6036Austin SrurUnited States64,00021
Horseshoe6041Alfie AdamUnited Kingdom56,50019
Horseshoe6042Arthur BosonUnited States60,50020
Horseshoe6043Kristan LordUnited States103,00034
Horseshoe6044Christopher KostoulasUnited States110,50037
Horseshoe6045Travis BurchUnited States27,5009
Horseshoe6046Richard BaiUnited States129,00043
Horseshoe6051John EspositoUnited States40,00013
Horseshoe6052Michael LangUnited States86,50029
Horseshoe6053Cary KatzUnited States43,00014
Horseshoe6054Grant HansenUnited States21,5007
Horseshoe6055Frank AtheyUnited States21,0007
Horseshoe6056Michael SortinoUnited States35,50012
Horseshoe6061George WolffUnited States49,50017
Horseshoe6062Matthew LevertyUnited States31,00010
Horseshoe6063Troy EvansUnited States78,00026
Horseshoe6064Valentin VornicuUnited States147,00049
Horseshoe6065Bradley ButcherUnited States116,50039
Horseshoe6066Joseph WagganerUnited States33,50011
Horseshoe6071Dara TaherpourUnited States133,00044
Horseshoe6072Hugh JoinerUnited States43,50015
Horseshoe6073David ProciakUnited States80,50027
Horseshoe6074Brendan TaylorUnited States111,00037
Horseshoe6076Scott NumotoUnited States101,00034
Horseshoe6081Yong WangChina38,50013
Horseshoe6082George JannesUnited States46,00015
Horseshoe6083Michael GarnerUnited States59,00020
Horseshoe6084Jeff MadsenUnited States62,00021
Horseshoe6085Adam KipnisUnited States46,50016
Horseshoe6086Robert ShuptrineUnited States82,50028
Horseshoe6091Adam FriedmanUnited States126,50042
Horseshoe6092Matt VengrinUnited States41,00014
Horseshoe6093Keita YamashiroJapan69,00023
Horseshoe6094Andrew BrownUnited States18,5006
Horseshoe6095Christopher ClarkUnited States89,50030
Horseshoe6096Yifan TangUnited States75,50025
Horseshoe6101Michael DreeseUnited States59,00020
Horseshoe6102DJ BuckleyUnited States92,00031
Horseshoe6103Antoine ChuzevilleFrance39,50013
Horseshoe6104Craig FishmanUnited States22,5008
Horseshoe6105Jason GolaUnited States143,00048
Horseshoe6106Rami BoukaiUnited States55,50019
Horseshoe6111Ahmed AminUnited States81,00027
Horseshoe6112Michael TrivettUnited States45,00015
Horseshoe6113Varun SahUnited States20,5007
Horseshoe6114Appalarju JampanaUnited States70,50024
Horseshoe6115David "ODB" BakerUnited States93,00031
Horseshoe6116John BergendahlUnited States97,50033
Horseshoe6121Nick GuagentiUnited States25,5009
Horseshoe6122Daniel ZackUnited States120,50040
Horseshoe6123Vladislavs PetrovsUnited States115,50039
Horseshoe6124Patrick MoulderUnited States157,50053
Horseshoe6125Andy JehUnited States25,5009
Horseshoe6126Kelly WolfeUnited States13,0004
Horseshoe6131Daniel StrelitzUnited States113,00038
Horseshoe6132Tom TongCanada65,00022
Horseshoe6133Craig ChaitUnited States48,50016
Horseshoe6134Matthew MullinsUnited States76,00025
Horseshoe6135Ben TangUnited States50,50017
Horseshoe6136Roland IsraelashviliUnited States60,00020
Horseshoe6141David BellUnited States121,00040
Horseshoe6142Bradley JansenUnited States77,00026
Horseshoe6143Steve ZolotowUnited States23,5008
Horseshoe6144Philip SternheimerUnited States93,50031
Horseshoe6145Owais AhmedUnited States108,50036
Horseshoe6146Roberto MarinUnited States183,50061
Horseshoe6151Michael Rodrigues Pires SantosPortugal75,00025
Horseshoe6152Terrence ChanCanada119,00040
Horseshoe6153Michael DorschUnited States139,00046
Horseshoe6154Bradley HelmUnited States102,50034
Horseshoe6155Andrew KelsallUnited States32,00011
Horseshoe6161Alexandr OrlovRussia70,00023
Horseshoe6162Sean YuUnited States58,50020
Horseshoe6163Jerry MillerUnited States32,00011
Horseshoe6164Ian ChanCanada41,50014
Horseshoe6165Kai HicksUnited States44,50015
Horseshoe6166Matthew BeinnerUnited States49,00016
Horseshoe6191Junhyoung KiSouth Korea133,50045
Horseshoe6192Jaekyung SimUnited States108,50036
Horseshoe6193Schuyler ThorntonUnited States68,50023
Horseshoe6194Danny TangHong Kong52,50018
Horseshoe6195Joseph RanciatoUnited States58,50020
Horseshoe6196Brian HastingsUnited States118,00039
Horseshoe6201Paul LenkeitUnited States27,5009
Horseshoe6202Marcel VonkNetherlands99,50033
Horseshoe6203Jason FairclothUnited States96,50032
Horseshoe6204Russell "Rusty" ClaytonUnited States96,50032
Horseshoe6205Scott BohlmanUnited States110,50037
Horseshoe6206Yingui LiChina217,50073
Horseshoe6211Ryan KoUnited States53,00018
Horseshoe6212Alex LivingstonCanada59,50020
Horseshoe6213Steven NovakUnited States106,50036
Horseshoe6214Jason PedigoUnited States20,5007
Horseshoe6215Haresh ThakerUnited Kingdom60,00020
Horseshoe6216Jesse HamptonUnited States77,50026
Horseshoe6221Shaun DeebUnited States88,50030
Horseshoe6222Joel TushnetUnited States55,00018
Horseshoe6223Mark RolandUnited States52,00017
Horseshoe6224Joshua FarisUnited States81,50027
Horseshoe6225Daniel NicewanderUnited States98,50033
Horseshoe6226Anthony ZinnoUnited States77,00026
Horseshoe6231Tom SchneiderUnited States40,50014
Horseshoe6232Lee HortonUnited Kingdom72,50024
Horseshoe6233Andrew ParkUnited States128,00043
Horseshoe6234Daniel EzekielUnited Kingdom16,0005
Horseshoe6235Daryl OppeltUnited States20,5007
Horseshoe6241Jose Paz-GutierrezBolivia18,0006
Horseshoe6242Gary FritzUnited States26,5009
Horseshoe6243Maria HoUnited States10,0003
Horseshoe6244Noah GoldmanUnited States44,50015
Horseshoe6245James Calder KnightUnited States81,00027
Horseshoe6246Antonio PayneUnited States152,50051
Horseshoe6251Senh CongUnited States29,50010
Horseshoe6252Chad EveslageUnited States109,00036
Horseshoe6253Hisashi YamanouchiJapan57,00019
Horseshoe6254Sarah HowellUnited States19,0006
Horseshoe6255Jack O'NeillUnited Kingdom60,50020
Horseshoe6256Robert RicciutiUnited States106,00035
Horseshoe6261Daniel WeinmanUnited States107,00036
Horseshoe6262Max HoffmanUnited States32,00011
Horseshoe6263Robert WellsUnited Kingdom23,0008
Horseshoe6264Daryl JendraszkiewiczUnited States69,00023
Horseshoe6265Chris BellUnited States80,00027
Horseshoe6266William TohUnited States239,00080
Horseshoe6271Anita PerlUnited States27,0009
Horseshoe6272Didier EugeneFrance42,50014
Horseshoe6273Thor William MorstoelNorway27,5009
Horseshoe6274Paul FehligUnited States34,50012
Horseshoe6275Ryan DemeterUnited States88,00029
Horseshoe6276Dennis EichhornUnited States39,50013
Horseshoe6281Jake SchwartzUnited States17,0006
Horseshoe6282Michael ZhanUnited States73,50025
Horseshoe6283Shirley RosarioUnited States76,50026
Horseshoe6284Timothy KennedyUnited States52,50018
Horseshoe6285Yuri DzivielevskiBrazil32,50011
Horseshoe6286Justin Turner (SC)United States112,50038
Horseshoe6291Jon TurnerUnited States198,50066
Horseshoe6292Evgeni TourevskiUnited States51,00017
Horseshoe6293Richard MonroeUnited States5,5002
Horseshoe6294Lawrence BergUnited States57,50019
Horseshoe6295Leonid KvecherUnited States24,5008
Horseshoe6296Kiryu MasayaUnited States36,50012
Horseshoe6301Phuong TranUnited States13,5005
Horseshoe6302Jonathan PastoreFrance89,50030
Horseshoe6303Paul MartinoUnited States146,00049
Horseshoe6304Burke DelangeUnited States4,5002
Horseshoe6305Michael BalanUnited States72,00024
Horseshoe6306Gary MccoyUnited States48,50016
Horseshoe6311Nikolaos RaptisUnited States10
Horseshoe6312Adam CleggUnited States212,50071
Horseshoe6313Nate SilverUnited States25,0008
Horseshoe6314Jason PhamolivoUnited States32,50011
Horseshoe6315Kevin GerhartUnited States40,00013
Horseshoe6316David LeviUnited States40,50014
Horseshoe6321Adam OwenUnited Kingdom192,00064
Horseshoe6322Brett SkolnickUnited States60,50020
Horseshoe6323Nathan RosenbergUnited States43,50015
Horseshoe6324John ShulerUnited States65,00022
Horseshoe6325Jeffery StepaniukCanada91,50031
Horseshoe6326Vincenzo CesaranoFrance113,00038

Official End of Day Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 15
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
William Toh us
William Toh
Day 1 Chip Leader
Yingui Li cn
Yingui Li
Day 3 Chip Leader
Adam Clegg us
Adam Clegg
212,500 135,500
Jon Turner us
Jon Turner
Adam Owen gb
Adam Owen
192,000 82,000
Roberto Marin us
Roberto Marin
Patrick Moulder us
Patrick Moulder
Antonio Payne us
Antonio Payne
Valentin Vornicu us
Valentin Vornicu
Paul Martino us
Paul Martino
Serhii Popovych ua
Serhii Popovych
Day 2 Chip Leader
Jason Gola us
Jason Gola
WSOP 1X Winner
Michael Dorsch us
Michael Dorsch
Junhyoung Ki kr
Junhyoung Ki
Dara Taherpour us
Dara Taherpour
Richard Bai us
Richard Bai
Andrew Park us
Andrew Park
Adam Friedman us
Adam Friedman
126,500 102,500
WSOP 5X Winner
David Bell us
David Bell
121,000 61,000
Daniel Zack us
Daniel Zack
120,500 100,500
WSOP 3X Winner
Terrence Chan ca
Terrence Chan
WSOP 1X Winner
Brian Hastings us
Brian Hastings
WSOP 6X Winner
Bradley Butcher us
Bradley Butcher
Vladislavs Petrovs us
Vladislavs Petrovs
Vincenzo Cesarano fr
Vincenzo Cesarano

Leggi tutto

End of Day

Livello 15

Play has conclude for the night with 192 players able to find a bag. Stay tuned for a recap of the day to follow shortly.

Aldemir Finds Late Double

Livello 15

Koray Aldemir opened from middle position and then called after the big blind three-bet.

On the first draw, the big blind took one card while Aldemir decided to take one after which the big blind bet and was called.

The second draw saw both players take one card. The big blind then bet enough to force Aldemir all in with the German pro quickly putting his last few chips into the middle.

As on the previous draw, the big blind and Aldemir drew one card with the big blind tabling 762 before flipping over the J for the three card seven. Aldemir, showing down 43A knew even before he peeled the K that he would be the beneficiary of a late double to keep his tournament alive.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Koray Aldemir de
Koray Aldemir
32,000 22,000
WSOP Main Event Champion
WSOP 1X Winner

Tags: Koray Aldemir

Bergendahl Puts a Dent in Aldemir's Stack

Livello 15
Koray Aldemir
Koray Aldemir

With one pull remaining, former Main Event champ Koray Aldemir found himself heads up with John Bergendahl.

Aldemir bet and Bergendahl called. Both players stood pat and Aldemir tossed a 5000 chip into the middle. Bergendahl called again and showed 8763.

Aldemir mucked and the chips were pushed to Bergendahl.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
John Bergendahl us
John Bergendahl
100,000 100,000
Koray Aldemir de
Koray Aldemir
10,000 -30,000
WSOP Main Event Champion
WSOP 1X Winner

Livello: 15

Blinds: 1,000/2,500
Limits: 2,500/5,000