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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #24: $1,500 Razz
Giorni 1
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2023 World Series of Poker

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Event #24: $1,500 Razz

Giorno 1 completo

Bronshtein Bags Big in Record-Breaking $1,500 Razz

Livello 15
Yuval Bronshtein
Yuval Bronshtein

A record-breaking 556 players entered Event #24: $1,500 Razz, making it the largest live razz tournament in World Series of Poker history. The number shatters the previous record from 2015 of 462 entries.

With that many players in the field, a prize pool of $742,260 was created, and the winner will take home an impressive $152,991 and a WSOP gold bracelet, while 84 players will collect at least a min-cash of $2,409.

Leading the way into Day 2 will be Maksim Pisarenko who bagged 251,500 for the chip lead. Not far behind him, though, are Vasilis Lazarou with 223,500 and two-time bracelet winner Yuval Bronshtein with 207,000.

Of the record-breaking field, 170 players advanced on to Day 2, with plenty of notables bagging chips, including former WSOP Players of the Year Jeff Madsen (190,000), Shaun Deeb (80,000), and David Bach (51,500), multi-time bracelet winners Michael Moncek, (187,000), David "ODB" Baker (185,000), and Marco Johnson (91,500), and Hall of Famer Tom McEvoy (157,000).

End of Day 1 Top Ten Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountDay 2 Big Bets
1Maksim PisarenkoRussia251,50031
2Vasilis LazarouUnited States223,50028
3Yuval BronshteinIsrael207,00026
4Takashi OguraJapan197,50025
5Eoghan O'DeaIreland195,00024
6Jeff MadsenUnited States190,00024
7Michael MoncekUnited States187,00023
7Alon DoitchUnited States187,00023
9Marcus SteinUnited States186,00023
10David "ODB" BakerUnited States185,50023

Among the notables that failed to make it through to Day 2 were defending champion Daniel Strelitz, Hall of Famers Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, and Barbara Enright to name just a few.

Day 2 resumes at 1 p.m. local time on June 10th in the Gold section of the Horseshoe Event Center. Levels will be extended to 60 minutes and ten of them will be played, starting at limits of 4,000 and 8,000, with the money bubble expected to be reached midway through the day.

Stay tuned to PokerNews for continuing coverage of this and every WSOP event here at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas.

Tags: Barbara EnrightDaniel NegreanuDaniel StrelitzDavid BachJeff MadsenMaksim PisarenkoMarco JohnsonMichael MoncekPhil HellmuthShaun DeebTom McEvoyVasilis LazarouYuval Bronshtein

Day 2 Seat Draw

Livello 15
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Bets
Horseshoe6481Will BerryUnited States88,50011
Horseshoe6483Tyler SchweckeUnited States32,0004
Horseshoe6484Jyri MerivirtaFinland86,00011
Horseshoe6485Hal RotholzUnited States48,5006
Horseshoe6486Michael DorschUnited States92,50012
Horseshoe6487Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland60,5008
Horseshoe6488Andrew KelsallUnited States65,0008
Horseshoe6491Yufei ZhongChina66,0008
Horseshoe6492Vasili LazarouGreece223,50028
Horseshoe6493Ryan AppleberryUnited States92,00012
Horseshoe6494Daniel LopezUnited States101,50013
Horseshoe6495Luis PintoBelgium55,0007
Horseshoe6496Justin LibertoUnited States83,00010
Horseshoe6498David "ODB" BakerUnited States185,50023
Horseshoe6501Mike PuskarichUnited States44,5006
Horseshoe6502Maksim PisarenkoRussia251,50031
Horseshoe6503Robert LauriaUnited States12,0002
Horseshoe6504Hisashi YamanouchiJapan115,00014
Horseshoe6505Divakaran MarellaUnited States145,00018
Horseshoe6506Marco JohnsonUnited States91,50011
Horseshoe6507Roy ThungUnited States42,0005
Horseshoe6508Jason AcostaUnited States74,0009
Horseshoe6541Justin MoellerUnited States66,0008
Horseshoe6542Rodney SpriggsUnited States63,5008
Horseshoe6543Jason PapastavrouUnited States67,0008
Horseshoe6544Adam KipnisUnited States84,00011
Horseshoe6545  80,00010
Horseshoe6546Satoshi TanakaUnited States94,00012
Horseshoe6547Tom McEvoyUnited States157,00020
Horseshoe6548Manju GeraUnited States136,50017
Horseshoe6551Michael KovarUnited States25,0003
Horseshoe6552Shadron WaltonUnited States30,0004
Horseshoe6553Ahmed MohamedUnited States44,0006
Horseshoe6554David BachUnited States51,5006
Horseshoe6555Ian GavlickUnited States43,0005
Horseshoe6556Joanne LiuUnited States14,0002
Horseshoe6557Katherine FleckUnited States49,0006
Horseshoe6558Max KruseGermany52,0007
Horseshoe6561Brendan NortonUnited States56,0007
Horseshoe6562Tales BragaBrazil32,0004
Horseshoe6563Michael LangUnited States47,5006
Horseshoe6564Jon TurnerUnited States59,5007
Horseshoe6565Maxx ColemanUnited States40,0005
Horseshoe6566Jose Paz-GutierrezBolivia77,50010
Horseshoe6567Scott AdaskaUnited States42,0005
Horseshoe6568Peter DirksenUnited States36,5005
Horseshoe6571Vladas TamasauskasLatvia28,0004
Horseshoe6572Alon DoitchUnited States187,00023
Horseshoe6573Steven BlenkerUnited States41,5005
Horseshoe6574George AdjamoglianUnited States67,5008
Horseshoe6575Erik GreenUnited States19,0002
Horseshoe6576Donovan BatesUnited States120,50015
Horseshoe6577James NewberryUnited States115,50014
Horseshoe6578Nick KostUnited States49,5006
Horseshoe6581Michael TrivettUnited States168,50021
Horseshoe6582James DavisUnited States43,0005
Horseshoe6583Kyle DilschneiderUnited States26,0003
Horseshoe6584Christopher MateerUnited States73,0009
Horseshoe6585Michael GaglianoUnited States170,00021
Horseshoe6586Sergio BragaUnited States57,0007
Horseshoe6587Yuval BronshteinIsrael207,00026
Horseshoe6588Nicholas KileyUnited States42,0005
Horseshoe6622Federico OttenioUnited States52,0007
Horseshoe6623Jeff LisandroAustralia94,00012
Horseshoe6624Thor William MorstoelNorway32,0004
Horseshoe6625Jason LipinerUnited States78,50010
Horseshoe6626Mike ThorpeUnited States74,0009
Horseshoe6627Mark RolandUnited States58,0007
Horseshoe6628Jaime MunchCanada31,5004
Horseshoe6631Dave StannUnited States141,50018
Horseshoe6632Ryan BeckwithUnited States174,00022
Horseshoe6633Eoghan O'DeaIreland195,00024
Horseshoe6634Robert MassmanUnited States17,5002
Horseshoe6635Glenn UchiboriUnited States95,00012
Horseshoe6636Jeff MadsenUnited States190,00024
Horseshoe6637Craig LoveUnited States30,0004
Horseshoe6638Alexandre FradinFrance105,00013
Horseshoe6641Andy JehUnited States145,50018
Horseshoe6643Jeffrey TugwellUnited States23,5003
Horseshoe6644Bernard LarabiHungary85,50011
Horseshoe6645Kevin EysterUnited States95,00012
Horseshoe6646Dominik BaudSwitzerland112,00014
Horseshoe6647Alexander RiveraUnited States145,50018
Horseshoe6648Rafael CaiaffaBrazil55,0007
Horseshoe6652Ozea IngramUnited States155,00019
Horseshoe6653Rafael LebronUnited States25,0003
Horseshoe6654Richard FullerUnited States57,0007
Horseshoe6655Michael CareyUnited States102,00013
Horseshoe6656Laurence GoldsteinUnited States98,00012
Horseshoe6657Michele JeckelmannSwitzerland47,5006
Horseshoe6661William BurkeCanada74,5009
Horseshoe6662Calvin AndersonUnited States154,50019
Horseshoe6663Steven LoubeUnited States78,50010
Horseshoe6664Ian SteinmanUnited States44,0006
Horseshoe6665Jaehwa SonCanada25,0003
Horseshoe6666Jeanne DavidUnited States79,95010
Horseshoe6667Tomasz GluszkoPoland118,50015
Horseshoe6668  62,5008
Horseshoe6681Mark ArmstrongUnited States129,00016
Horseshoe6682Gary BoldenUnited States75,0009
Horseshoe6683Barbara LewisUnited States70,5009
Horseshoe6684Chris HundleyUnited States90,00011
Horseshoe6685Peder BergeUnited States10,0001
Horseshoe6686Sharad MehtaUnited States69,0009
Horseshoe6687Michael MoncekUnited States187,00023
Horseshoe6691Michael ParizonUnited States42,5005
Horseshoe6692Adam OwenUnited Kingdom27,0003
Horseshoe6693Travis PearsonUnited States51,0006
Horseshoe6694Dustin CowartUnited States89,50011
Horseshoe6695Iman AlsadenUnited States43,0005
Horseshoe6696Frank MuirUnited States27,5003
Horseshoe6698Pawel AndrzejewskiUnited States98,50012
Horseshoe6701Takashi OguraJapan197,50025
Horseshoe6702Eduardo Bornhausen De FariasUnited States76,00010
Horseshoe6703William BuckleyUnited States165,00021
Horseshoe6704Aditya PrasetyoUnited States82,00010
Horseshoe6705Yueqi ZhuUnited States100,50013
Horseshoe6706Travis Cochran-KilmanUnited States10,5001
Horseshoe6707Raviv ShevachIsrael52,5007
Horseshoe6708Itsuko YoroiJapan40,5005
Horseshoe6711Ian FellerUnited States9,0001
Horseshoe6712Daniel HarmetzUnited States100,50013
Horseshoe6713Umeme HoyeUnited States86,50011
Horseshoe6714Rafael ConcepcionUnited States182,50023
Horseshoe6715Joshua HeinzlUnited States26,0003
Horseshoe6716Kristy AdamsUnited States133,00017
Horseshoe6717Gabriel Jansen Falcao BalUnited States61,5008
Horseshoe6718Rami HammoudCanada47,0006
Horseshoe6722Colton BlombergUnited States43,0005
Horseshoe6723Jorge UfanoUnited States69,0009
Horseshoe6724Teemu KangasvieriAustralia127,50016
Horseshoe6725Jordan SiegelUnited States102,00013
Horseshoe6726Allen KesslerUnited States92,50012
Horseshoe6727Kenneth PoUnited States34,0004
Horseshoe6728Benjamin SchollUnited States40,0005
Horseshoe6741Lawrence RobinsonUnited States23,5003
Horseshoe6743Joseph RiceUnited States38,0005
Horseshoe6744Nick YunisUnited States60,0008
Horseshoe6745Matthew SmithUnited States76,00010
Horseshoe6746Jason SillsUnited States65,5008
Horseshoe6747Kevin ChanceUnited States68,0009
Horseshoe6748Ivan SchertzerUnited States116,50015
Horseshoe6752Kamel MokhammadUkraine82,00010
Horseshoe6753Aaron KupinUnited States171,50021
Horseshoe6754Vasu AmarapuUnited States54,5007
Horseshoe6755Z SteinUnited States72,0009
Horseshoe6756Alan MyersonUnited States130,00016
Horseshoe6758Hoyt CorkinsUnited States80,50010
Horseshoe6761Eita SakaiJapan133,00017
Horseshoe6763Michael BergerUnited States34,0004
Horseshoe6764Tom ArgyrosUnited States56,0007
Horseshoe6765Merom DoftUnited States71,0009
Horseshoe6766Liam MurphyUnited States111,50014
Horseshoe6768Thomas RickettsUnited States74,5009
Horseshoe6771Alex LivingstonCanada108,50014
Horseshoe6772Anthony MenderUnited States93,00012
Horseshoe6773Michael KrescankoUnited States54,5007
Horseshoe6774John CoverUnited States61,0008
Horseshoe6775Dustin DirksenUnited States97,00012
Horseshoe6776Miguel Rodriguez BermudeSpain67,5008
Horseshoe6777Everett CarltonUnited States93,00012
Horseshoe6778Daniel NicewanderUnited States99,50012
Horseshoe6781Marcus SteinUnited States186,00023
Horseshoe6782Patrick StaceyUnited States32,5004
Horseshoe6783Terrence HastooUnited States157,50020
Horseshoe6784Scott SilvermanUnited States43,0005
Horseshoe6785Mark FraserUnited States69,0009
Horseshoe6786Per HildebrandSweden155,00019
Horseshoe6787Jerry MillerUnited States96,50012

Official End of Day 1 Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 15
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Maksim Pisarenko ru
Maksim Pisarenko
251,500 251,500
Day 1 Chip Leader
Vasilis Lazarou us
Vasilis Lazarou
223,500 121,500
WSOP 2X Winner
Yuval Bronshtein il
Yuval Bronshtein
207,000 27,000
WSOP 2X Winner
Takashi Ogura jp
Takashi Ogura
197,500 197,500
Eoghan O'Dea ie
Eoghan O'Dea
195,000 195,000
Jeff Madsen us
Jeff Madsen
190,000 8,000
WSOP 4X Winner
Michael Moncek us
Michael Moncek
187,000 175,000
WSOP 2X Winner
Alon Doitch us
Alon Doitch
187,000 187,000
Marcus Stein us
Marcus Stein
186,000 186,000
David "ODB" Baker us
David "ODB" Baker
185,500 145,500
WSOP 3X Winner
Rafael Concepcion us
Rafael Concepcion
182,500 182,500
Ryan Beckwith us
Ryan Beckwith
174,000 174,000
Aaron Kupin us
Aaron Kupin
171,500 171,500
Michael Gagliano us
Michael Gagliano
170,000 170,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Michael Trivett us
Michael Trivett
168,500 103,500
William Buckley us
William Buckley
165,000 165,000
Terrence Hastoo us
Terrence Hastoo
157,500 -17,500
Tom McEvoy us
Tom McEvoy
157,000 -28,000
WSOP Main Event Champion
WSOP 4X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer
Per Hildebrand se
Per Hildebrand
155,000 155,000
Ozea Ingram us
Ozea Ingram
Calvin Anderson us
Calvin Anderson
154,500 40,500
WSOP 4X Winner
Alexander Rivera us
Alexander Rivera
145,500 145,500
Andy Jeh us
Andy Jeh
145,500 145,500
Divakaran Marella us
Divakaran Marella
145,000 145,000
Dave Stann us
Dave Stann
141,500 141,500

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Hall of Famer McEvoy Building Big at End of Night

Livello 15
Tom McEvoy
Tom McEvoy

Tom McEvoy: 8x7x2x/3x4x10x9x
Opponent: 8x5x4x/AxJx9x9x

Picking action up four-handed on fifth street, Tom McEvoy bet, and got two opponents to fold, but on remained. On sixth street, both players caught nines, but McEvoy's opponent's nine paired him.

Regardless, McEvoy got a call and then bet dark on seventh street. His opponent quickly called to see the Hall of Famer show an eight-seven to take a sizeable pot that has him among the largest stacks in the room as the night draws toward a close.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Tom McEvoy us
Tom McEvoy
185,000 133,000
WSOP Main Event Champion
WSOP 4X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer

Tags: Tom McEvoy

Madsen Muscles, Continues to Amass Chips

Livello 15

Raviv Shevach: XxXx/5x8xJx9x - folded on sixth street
Jeff Madsen: XxXx/5x7xJx3x

Despite having nearly identical up cards, Madsen never took his foot off the gas, betting on fourth, fifth, and sixth. Sixth was enough to do the trick. "I hate when they fold with I pair up," laughed Madsen, as his stack continues to grow.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Jeff Madsen us
Jeff Madsen
182,000 2,000
WSOP 4X Winner
Raviv Shevach il
Raviv Shevach
78,000 78,000

Tags: Jeff MadsenRaviv Shevach

Livello: 15

Ante: 1,000
Bring-In: 1,000
Completion: 3,000
Limits: 3,000-6,000