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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #51: $1,000 Tag Team
Giorni 1
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2023 World Series of Poker

Risultati finali
Mano Vincente
Event Info
Informazioni livello
125,000 / 250,000
Informazioni Giocatori - Giorno 1
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Event #51: $1,000 Tag Team

Giorno 1 completo

Non-Stop Action on Day 1 of Event #51: $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em

Livello 11 : Blinds 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Jeremy Palvini
Jeremy Palvini

Play has concluded on Day 1 of Event #51: $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em at the 2023 World Series of Poker at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas.

A total of 1,282 teams participated, which surpassed last year’s entry total of 913 teams, and this year's field generated a prize pool worth $570,490, with first place being $95,331 for each person in the Team. Day 2 will start close to the bubble, with only 252 teams remaining and 193 making the money.

Mark Evangelista and his teammate bagged up a tournament-leading stack of 462,000 chips, with four other teams cramming more than 300,000 chips into their overnight bag. Kenneth Gallo (382,000), Richard Ali (325,000), the duo of Amber Donatelli - Marcus Stein (325,000), and the paring of Jeremy Palvini - Jean-Paul Pasqualini (305,000) being those teams.

Top Ten Chip Counts

RankPlayer/TeamCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Mark EvangelistaUnited States462,000185
2Kenneth GalloUnited States382,000153
3Richard AliUnited States325,500130
4Amber Donatelli - Marcus SteinUnited States325,000130
5Jeremy Palvini - Jean-Paul PasqualiniFrance305,000122
6Peter Zolnai - Patrik CiklaminiUnited States286,500115
7Jesse Sylvia - Ashley SleethUnited States281,500113
8Ronald PhippsUnited States273,000109
9Eduardo Nejaim - Marcello SeriozBrazil266,000106
10Shahin ShayestehUnited States261,000104

After 11 levels of action, several teams bagged big numbers. Aside from the teams mentioned above, Peter Zolnai - Patrick Ciklamini (286,500), Jesse Sylvia - Ashley Sleeth (281,500), Roland Phipps (273,000), Eduardo Nejaim - Marcello Serioz (266,000), and Shahin Shayesteh (261,000) finished in the top ten of the chip counts.

Jesse Sylvia
Jesse Sylvia

The exciting start of the day was electric, especially with people in costumes, and all the teammates on the rail cheering on their partners. Phil Hellmuth made an appearance at the end of the night wearing a Pokémon costume and one team, Lou Salinas and Pyzza Teston, were wearing colonial costumes resembling Beethoven.

Some of the notables to look out for in our Day 2 updates include Alejandro Lococo - Martin Pineiro (205,000), Julie Marriott - Dara O'Kearney (191,000), Sarah Stefan - Kyna England (190,000), and the dangerous-looking duo of Sebastian Pauli and Jonas Lauck (165,000).

Victor Fryda - Paul Amsellem (157,000), Jessica Teusl - Stefan Lehner (152,500), Kenny Hallaert - Sylvain Loosli (122,000), Igor d'Ursel - Martin Jacobson (81,500), Nick Palma - Brandon Hamlet, Team Now We Are Cooking (71,000), and Jarred Gabin - Shaundle Pruitt (66,000) also made it through to Day 2.

Other duos that weren’t fortunate enough to make it through Day 1 included the team of Phil Hellmuth - Dan Cates, Brad Owen - Amber Laird, Tim Duckworth - Donnie Peters, and Benjamin Spragg - Henrik Hecklen.

Day 2 of the three-day tournament will commence on Friday, June 23, at 12 p.m. local time. Action begins on Level 12 with blinds at 1,000/2,500/2,500 and the day will break after 11 one-hour levels of play. There are no breaks except for color-ups since one member of each team is always on a "break." The player that bagged at the end of the night is the player that must start when play resumes.

Don’t go far, as the PokerNews live reporting team will be back, bringing you all of the updates from this event.

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Seat Draw for Day 2

Livello 11 : Blinds 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe6001Benjamin ArmstrongUnited States40,00016
Horseshoe6002Jacob HobdayCanada66,00026
Horseshoe6003Jeffrey StellwagonUnited States209,00084
Horseshoe6004Liam MurphyUnited States112,00045
Horseshoe6005Masato YokosawaJapan141,00056
Horseshoe6006Stewart MeredithUnited States49,00020
Horseshoe6007Richard AliUnited States325,500130
Horseshoe6008Eric NguyenUnited States62,00025
Horseshoe6009Dylan WilkersonUnited States95,00038
Horseshoe6011Marle SpraggUnited States54,50022
Horseshoe6012Wayne BrownUnited States91,00036
Horseshoe6014Joshua McdougallUnited States157,00063
Horseshoe6016William SluderUnited States114,50046
Horseshoe6017Bradley ManicciaCanada52,50021
Horseshoe6018Mark EvangelistaUnited States562,000225
Horseshoe6019Michael SavakinasUnited States126,00050
Horseshoe6021Michael OarUnited States34,00014
Horseshoe6022Ashish AhujaIndia139,50056
Horseshoe6023Dong WangUnited States81,50033
Horseshoe6024Galya ZhekovaBulgaria61,50025
Horseshoe6025Danny GroganUnited Kingdom80,00032
Horseshoe6026Bogdan MunteanuRomania109,00044
Horseshoe6027Viktorija TolkaciovaLithuania52,50021
Horseshoe6028Albert GorelikUnited States61,50025
Horseshoe6029Miguel SilvaPortugal71,00028
Horseshoe6031Adam FosterUnited States145,00058
Horseshoe6032Kannapong ThanarattrakulThailand129,00052
Horseshoe6033Adam MyersUnited States98,00039
Horseshoe6034Brian JacksonUnited States55,50022
Horseshoe6035Anthony PepeUnited States171,00068
Horseshoe6036Justin GradyCanada24,00010
Horseshoe6037Vinicius SouzaUnited States141,00056
Horseshoe6038Ashley SleethUnited States281,500113
Horseshoe6039Xavier BrezniakUnited States83,50033
Horseshoe6041Geoffrey PrinsCanada76,00030
Horseshoe6042Nick PalmaUnited States67,00027
Horseshoe6043Jordan CutterUnited States71,00028
Horseshoe6044Derek AlleyUnited States103,00041
Horseshoe6045Andrew MackenzieUnited States34,00014
Horseshoe6046Jay LuUnited States84,00034
Horseshoe6049Michael HauptmanUnited States101,00040
Horseshoe6051Fabio Oka Da SilvaUnited States138,50055
Horseshoe6052David WilliamsUnited States139,00056
Horseshoe6053Joe BrindleUnited Kingdom207,50083
Horseshoe6054Daniel JonesUnited States199,00080
Horseshoe6055Robert HurstUnited States60,00024
Horseshoe6056Jared BelzerUnited States56,50023
Horseshoe6057Masato HoriuchiUnited States62,50025
Horseshoe6058Rachel MillerUnited States87,00035
Horseshoe6059DID NOT REPORT 1 10
Horseshoe6061Lorenc PukaUnited States64,00026
Horseshoe6063Francis FazzinaUnited States71,50029
Horseshoe6065Yaroslav OhulchanskyiUnited Kingdom107,00043
Horseshoe6066Weston MizumotoUnited States87,50035
Horseshoe6067Andrew GlaubergUnited States25,50010
Horseshoe6068Chien Chih WengTaiwan93,00037
Horseshoe6069Mike KaplitzUnited States10
Horseshoe6071Nathaniel PerryUnited States87,50035
Horseshoe6072Tyler HirschfeldUnited States54,00022
Horseshoe6073Ryan CavinessIreland57,00023
Horseshoe6074Clement KerrienFrance98,00039
Horseshoe6075Joe WarlingUnited States74,50030
Horseshoe6076Jinho HongSouth Korea43,50017
Horseshoe6077John DeebUnited States132,50053
Horseshoe6078Tejas PatilUnited States130,50052
Horseshoe6079David BernalUnited States71,00028
Horseshoe6081Peter ZolnaiUnited States286,500115
Horseshoe6082Nicholas WehrleUnited States98,00039
Horseshoe6083Feng QuChina133,00053
Horseshoe6084Arne OlsenUnited States35,50014
Horseshoe6085Zachary GrunebergUnited States32,50013
Horseshoe6086DID NOT REPORT 2United States10
Horseshoe6087Mable RollinsUnited States10
Horseshoe6088Matthew PierceUnited States90,50036
Horseshoe6091Steve GarfinkleUnited States83,00033
Horseshoe6093Eduardo NejaimBrazil266,000106
Horseshoe6094Victor FrydaFrance157,00063
Horseshoe6095Kevin LeeUnited States80,00032
Horseshoe6096Matthew StahlUnited States48,50019
Horseshoe6097Joseph WardUnited States30,00012
Horseshoe6098Zachary SheltonUnited States114,50046
Horseshoe6099Jarred GabinUnited States66,00026
Horseshoe6101Harrison BrownUnited States101,00040
Horseshoe6102Sylvain LoosliFrance122,00049
Horseshoe6103Niall DuffyUnited Kingdom74,00030
Horseshoe6104Macduff KuhnertUnited States82,00033
Horseshoe6105Dhiraj SharmaCanada50,00020
Horseshoe6106Jason WheelerUnited States72,00029
Horseshoe6107George KnauerUnited States59,50024
Horseshoe6108Vincent LayUnited States137,00055
Horseshoe6109Evan HuUnited States68,00027
Horseshoe6111Thiago MonteiroBrazil74,50030
Horseshoe6112Eshaan BhallaUnited States165,50066
Horseshoe6114Charlemagne BenjaminUnited States10,4004
Horseshoe6115Alberto VillapuduaUnited States55,00022
Horseshoe6116Aditya AgarwalIndia19,5008
Horseshoe6117Caleb ShumardUnited States33,00013
Horseshoe6118Matthew SullivanUnited States54,50022
Horseshoe6119Kristin BrothertonUnited States40,00016
Horseshoe6121Trishelle CannatellaUnited States68,00027
Horseshoe6122Jesus BertoliVenezuela38,50015
Horseshoe6123David LatailleUnited States125,00050
Horseshoe6124Troy ParkinsUnited States89,50036
Horseshoe6125Jackson TraubUnited States61,50025
Horseshoe6126Bud LavassaniUnited States145,00058
Horseshoe6127Latif BerishaGermany75,00030
Horseshoe6128Christopher MaguireUnited Kingdom114,00046
Horseshoe6129Leo SigurdssonIceland93,50037
Horseshoe6132Stephen GilbertUnited States110,00044
Horseshoe6133Nicola TassoneCanada77,00031
Horseshoe6134Thomas BardenUnited States65,50026
Horseshoe6135Chenyu LiUnited States163,50065
Horseshoe6136Dongwoo KoCanada69,50028
Horseshoe6137Gary JbaraUnited States27,50011
Horseshoe6138Ken GibersonUnited States29,50012
Horseshoe6139Shigeki HiranoUnited States54,00022
Horseshoe6141Wing YamUnited States25,50010
Horseshoe6142Zinan XuChina84,50034
Horseshoe6143Francois ScapulaFrance77,00031
Horseshoe6144Jerod SmithUnited States7,0003
Horseshoe6145Jonathan PastoreFrance110,00044
Horseshoe6146Joseph CheongUnited States37,50015
Horseshoe6147Dennis KingUnited States61,00024
Horseshoe6148Rick WhitesellUnited States184,50074
Horseshoe6149Naomi PazolUnited States86,50035
Horseshoe6151Jo Yong SonSouth Korea110,00044
Horseshoe6152Brantzen WongUnited States113,50045
Horseshoe6153Howard ChenUnited States100,00040
Horseshoe6154Amit SharmaUnited States80,00032
Horseshoe6156Jonathan Wil PardyCanada55,50022
Horseshoe6157Robert ArsenaultUnited States76,50031
Horseshoe6158Rayo KniepGermany42,50017
Horseshoe6159Benjamin PrimusUnited States145,50058
Horseshoe6161Alain FernandezUnited States132,50053
Horseshoe6164Zachary VansolkemaUnited States203,00081
Horseshoe6165Jeffrey MathewsUnited States77,50031
Horseshoe6167Matthew SessoUnited States41,00016
Horseshoe6168Stephen HuangUnited States72,50029
Horseshoe6169Nicholas TangoUnited States139,00056
Horseshoe6201Alan MyersonUnited States104,00042
Horseshoe6202Roni TalUnited Kingdom36,50015
Horseshoe6204Gregory KatayamaCanada40,00016
Horseshoe6205Dustin WillsUnited States103,00041
Horseshoe6206Courtney WebbUnited States161,00064
Horseshoe6207Alexis LucariniFrance29,50012
Horseshoe6208Evan ThomasCanada145,50058
Horseshoe6209Hana JoUnited States46,00018
Horseshoe6211Nicholas JagerUnited States87,50035
Horseshoe6212Kristen NymanUnited States52,00021
Horseshoe6213Daniel WagnerUnited States84,50034
Horseshoe6214John MonacoUnited States122,50049
Horseshoe6215Dylan CechowskiFrance42,50017
Horseshoe6216Riki KobayashiUnited States163,00065
Horseshoe6217Connor StueweUnited States32,00013
Horseshoe6218Anthony DitarantoUnited States132,50053
Horseshoe6219Nigel QuelchUnited Kingdom103,00041
Horseshoe6221Collin WilsonCanada72,50029
Horseshoe6222Christopher BolioUnited States10
Horseshoe6223Jeremy DetamoreUnited States81,00032
Horseshoe6224Jeremy PalviniFrance305,000122
Horseshoe6225Luigi CurcioUnited States189,00076
Horseshoe6226Julie MarriottUnited States196,00078
Horseshoe6227Christopher FrankGermany40,00016
Horseshoe6228Chris OconnorIreland63,00025
Horseshoe6229Lok ChanHong Kong103,50041
Horseshoe6231Mark GrosvenorUnited States128,50051
Horseshoe6232Ramon KropmannsBrazil107,50043
Horseshoe6233Jonathan SnyderUnited States24,50010
Horseshoe6234Yinglei ChenChina37,00015
Horseshoe6235Michael ApagaUnited States143,00057
Horseshoe6236Dien LeUnited States124,50050
Horseshoe6237Kasey MillsUnited States70,00028
Horseshoe6238Alexandru VasilescuUnited States71,50029
Horseshoe6239Jiawei MaoUnited States41,50017
Horseshoe6241James CollinsUnited States69,00028
Horseshoe6242Justin PechieUnited States71,50029
Horseshoe6243Kyna EnglandUnited States190,00076
Horseshoe6244Nobuaki SasakiJapan103,00041
Horseshoe6245Ylan TaiebFrance160,50064
Horseshoe6246Steven MckuinUnited States10
Horseshoe6247Gerald DunnUnited States54,00022
Horseshoe6248David MooreUnited States24,00010
Horseshoe6249Max TavepholjalernUnited States60,50024
Horseshoe6251Allan MelloUnited States196,50079
Horseshoe6252Arthur EldinUnited States91,50037
Horseshoe6253Shirin OskooiUnited States207,50083
Horseshoe6254Robert WinslerUnited States40,50016
Horseshoe6255Diana AllenUnited States135,00054
Horseshoe6256Erkut YilmazUnited States169,50068
Horseshoe6257Ryan HutchinsonUnited Kingdom28,50011
Horseshoe6258Yuki SakoJapan187,50075
Horseshoe6259Xingbiao ZhuUnited States174,50070
Horseshoe6261Ramin KaikhahUnited States39,50016
Horseshoe6262Paul MattiodaUnited States104,50042
Horseshoe6264Jon Van FleetUnited States56,00022
Horseshoe6265Sean CosgroveUnited States244,00098
Horseshoe6266Anthony FieldsUnited States10,6504
Horseshoe6267Maxx HollandUnited States173,50069
Horseshoe6268Jeremy PayneUnited States41,00016
Horseshoe6269Jorge MachadoUnited States134,00054
Horseshoe6271Neil RodvoldUnited States83,00033
Horseshoe6272Aleksandar TrajkovskiMacedonia73,00029
Horseshoe6273James MillerUnited States34,00014
Horseshoe6274Gabriel LopezUnited States78,50031
Horseshoe6275Isabella Arango PatinoCanada74,00030
Horseshoe6276Roger JaegerUnited States140,50056
Horseshoe6277Jason ClarkeCanada121,50049
Horseshoe6278Ronald PhippsUnited States273,000109
Horseshoe6281Jie SuUnited States96,00038
Horseshoe6282Joshua SuyatUnited States53,50021
Horseshoe6283Furkan BegUnited States133,50053
Horseshoe6284Marcus SteinUnited States325,000130
Horseshoe6285Peter MavroUnited States69,00028
Horseshoe6286Julie KleinNorway114,00046
Horseshoe6287Stanley LeeUnited States144,50058
Horseshoe6288Dimitre DimitrovUnited States140,00056
Horseshoe6289Shahin ShayestehUnited States261,000104
Horseshoe6291Dane GarnicaUnited States112,50045
Horseshoe6292Alejandro LococoArgentina205,00082
Horseshoe6293Christian PhamVietnam70,00028
Horseshoe6294Roberto ValdezUnited States134,00054
Horseshoe6295Jessica TeuslAustria152,50061
Horseshoe6296Chris WallaceUnited States57,50023
Horseshoe6297Jacob FerroUnited States89,50036
Horseshoe6298Aurora PalafoxUnited States51,50021
Horseshoe6299Diana AnchondoUnited States66,50027
Horseshoe6301Tanner BibatUnited States185,00074
Horseshoe6302Anton LuAustralia88,00035
Horseshoe6303Benjamin TestonUnited States96,00038
Horseshoe6304Igor d'UrselBelgium81,50033
Horseshoe6305Caleb KingUnited States87,50035
Horseshoe6306Enrico MoscaItaly70,00028
Horseshoe6307Riley StahleyUnited States40,50016
Horseshoe6308Jeffrey HathawayUnited States146,00058
Horseshoe6309Giovanni PetroniItaly119,00048
Horseshoe6311Kultida BermanUnited States89,00036
Horseshoe6312Evgeny UrubkovUnited States12,5005
Horseshoe6313Kyle PhillipsUnited States208,00083
Horseshoe6314Julien LoireFrance7900032
Horseshoe6315Zhaoyue LuoChina157,00063
Horseshoe6316Luis HiertBrazil64,00026
Horseshoe6317Jiaqi HanUnited States58,00023
Horseshoe6318Steven LoftisUnited States74,50030
Horseshoe6321Carlos InukaiUnited States153,50061
Horseshoe6322Kenneth GalloUnited States382,000153
Horseshoe6323Arash AsadabadiUnited States152,00061
Horseshoe6324Christopher CortezUnited States53,50021
Horseshoe6325Jaroslaw JaskiewiczCanada130,50052
Horseshoe6326Jonas LauckGermany165,00066
Horseshoe6327Brian BobayUnited States46,00018
Horseshoe6328Camden MariottiUnited States19,5008
Horseshoe6329Ebony KenneyUnited States29,50012

Official End of Day Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 11 : Blinds 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Mark Evangelista - Mario Evangelista us
Mark Evangelista - Mario Evangelista
562,000 562,000
Day 1 Chip Leader
John Ventre - Kenneth Gallo us
John Ventre - Kenneth Gallo
382,000 382,000
Richard Ali - Dylan Lemery us
Richard Ali - Dylan Lemery
325,500 325,500
Marcus Stein - Amber Donatelli us
Marcus Stein - Amber Donatelli
325,000 20,000
Jeremy Palvini - Jean-Paul Pasqualini fr
Jeremy Palvini - Jean-Paul Pasqualini
305,000 70,000
Peter Zolnai - Patrik Ciklamini us
Peter Zolnai - Patrik Ciklamini
286,500 286,500
Jesse Sylvia - Ashley Sleeth us
Jesse Sylvia - Ashley Sleeth
281,500 32,500
Nipun Java - Ronald Phipps in
Nipun Java - Ronald Phipps
273,000 273,000
Eduardo Nejaim - Marcello Seiroz br
Eduardo Nejaim - Marcello Seiroz
266,000 266,000
Shahin Shayesteh - Conrad Simpson us
Shahin Shayesteh - Conrad Simpson
261,000 261,000
Sean Cosgrove - John Lucas us
Sean Cosgrove - John Lucas
244,000 244,000
Jeffrey Stellwagon - Alexander Zisiades us
Jeffrey Stellwagon - Alexander Zisiades
209,000 209,000
Kyle Phillips - Jeffrey Smith us
Kyle Phillips - Jeffrey Smith
208,000 208,000
Shirin Oskooi - Ian Steinman us
Shirin Oskooi - Ian Steinman
207,500 207,500
Qibang Cheung - Joe Brindle gb
Qibang Cheung - Joe Brindle
207,500 207,500
Alejandro Lococo - Martin Pineiro ar
Alejandro Lococo - Martin Pineiro
205,000 55,000
Marc Vansolkema - Zachary Vansolkema us
Marc Vansolkema - Zachary Vansolkema
203,000 203,000
Daniel Jones - Flavio Palalon us
Daniel Jones - Flavio Palalon
199,000 199,000
Allan Mello - Kelvin Kerber br
Allan Mello - Kelvin Kerber
196,500 196,500
Julie Marriott - Dara O'Kearney us
Julie Marriott - Dara O'Kearney
196,000 196,000
Steven McKuin - Dustin Dirksen
Steven McKuin - Dustin Dirksen
196,000 166,000
Sarah Stefan - Kyna England us
Sarah Stefan - Kyna England
190,000 190,000
Luigi Curcio - Savina Arcuri it
Luigi Curcio - Savina Arcuri
189,000 189,000
Yuki Sako - Shunsuke Tokoo jp
Yuki Sako - Shunsuke Tokoo
187,500 187,500
Day 2 Chip Leader
Vincent Moscati - Tanner Bibat us
Vincent Moscati - Tanner Bibat
185,000 185,000

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Bag And Tag

Livello 11 : Blinds 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante

Around 279 teams according to the clock are bagging and tagging for tonight. They will come back on Friday 12 p.m. in Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas.

Team Donatelli Crosses 300,000 Chip Mark With Multi-Way Pot Win

Livello 11 : Blinds 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante

Marcus Stein put out a bet of 8,500 from the small blind on a board reading A39K and was called by a player in middle position and a player on the button.

Stein fired out again on the K river, this time for 17,000 and was called by the player on the button, with the middle position player folding.

Stein tabled K9 for a full-house, kings full of nines, and the player on the button showed down KQ for trip kings.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Marcus Stein - Amber Donatelli us
Marcus Stein - Amber Donatelli

Tags: Marcus SteinAmber Donatelli

The Chainsaw Report is BACK

Livello 11 : Blinds 1,000/2,000, 2,000 ante

Watch the latest PokerNews highlights video straight from the Paris and Horseshoe Las Vegas. Ben Lamb took down his second piece of WSOP hardware, Jans Arends helped himself to a $100,000 Super High Roller title, and Allen Kessler lets loose on WSOP online bracelets.