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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #6: $5,000 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha
Giorni 1
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2023 World Series of Poker

Risultati finali
Mano Vincente
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Informazioni livello
200,000 / 400,000
Informazioni Giocatori - Giorno 1
Giocatori Rimasti

Event #6: $5,000 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha

Giorno 1 completo

Fernando “Jnandez” Habegger Bags Mixed No-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha Chip Lead

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante
Fernando Habegger
Fernando Habegger

A total of 567 entries were whittled down to 48 players on Day 1 of the $5,000 Mixed No-Limit Hold’em/Pot-Limit Omaha event here at the 2023 World Series of Poker at Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas. This event generated a whopping total prize pool of $2,608,200. All players returning tomorrow are guaranteed $8,000, but everyone will have their eyes on the $534,499 first-place prize and the gold bracelet that comes with it.

Fernando Habegger is the player to watch tomorrow as he’s returning with the chip lead courtesy of his 1,625,000 stack. Habegger is a Pot Limit Omaha coach, streamer, and high-stakes player from Switzerland.

End of Day 1 Top 10 Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Fernando HabeggerSwitzerland1,625,00065
2Roman RogovskiUkraine1,325,00053
3Michael MoncekUnited States1,210,00048
4Michael BanducciUnited States1,200,00048
5Christian HarderUnited States1,125,00045
6Zhen CaiUnited States1,090,00044
7Greg KoloUnited States1,040,00042
8Ferenc DeakHungary1,025,00041
9Kristen FoxenUnited States895,00036
10Tyler BrownUnited States880,00035

Like many of the high-stakes games throughout the series, there was a light-hearted air of the day as long time friends and foes mingled. Players including Ben Lamb, Nick Schulman, Chris Brewer, Ari Engel, Brian Rast, Jared Jaffee, Chino Rheem, Anthony Zinno, and Justin Young are just some of the pros who joined the field today.

Only Engel (420,000) progressed from those stellar names mentioned above. Other notable players still in the field include Christian Harder (1,225,000) Kristen Foxen (895,000), Alex Livingston (785,000), and Lawrence Brandt (420,000); the latter won two bracelets last year.

Big names that made it into the money but were unable to bag included Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb, who both gained some points for the Player of the Year race. Jeremy Ausmus also made it into the money but busted to Negreanu during a PLO hand during the 18th level of the tournament.

The surviving players return to the action from 12:00 p.m. on June 2, with the plan to play down to the final table. As always, tune into PokerNews throughout this event and all the other bracelet-awarding tournaments of the 2023 WSOP.

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Seat Draw for Day 2

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe6511Ari EngelUnited States420,00017
Horseshoe6512Scott Jacewicz OkellyUnited States535,00021
Horseshoe6513Alex LivingstonCanada785,00031
Horseshoe6514Richard GreenUnited States825,00033
Horseshoe6515George WolffUnited States265,00011
Horseshoe6516Marc HollanderUnited States695,00028
Horseshoe6517Keith CarterUnited States504,00020
Horseshoe6518Kristen FoxenUnited States895,00036
Horseshoe6521Stanislav HalatenkoUkraine520,00021
Horseshoe6522Cai ZhengUnited States1,090,00044
Horseshoe6523Wook KimUnited States735,00029
Horseshoe6524Millard HaleUnited States335,00013
Horseshoe6525Artem MaksimovRussia365,00015
Horseshoe6526Ryan GoindooTrinidad and Tobago675,00027
Horseshoe6527Tyler BrownUnited States880,00035
Horseshoe6528Jordan SpurlinUnited States345,00014
Horseshoe6531Martin ZamaniUnited States455,00018
Horseshoe6532Harutyun GevorgyanUnited States325,00013
Horseshoe6533Daniel RezaeiAustria265,00011
Horseshoe6534Kent RossUnited States95,0004
Horseshoe6535Roman RogovskyiUkraine1,350,00054
Horseshoe6536Joao VieiraPortugal750,00030
Horseshoe6537Yuval BronshteinIsrael465,00019
Horseshoe6538Michael MoncekUnited States1,210,00048
Horseshoe6591Shiva DudaniUnited States715,00029
Horseshoe6592Steve YagudaevUnited States320,00013
Horseshoe6593Felipe RamosBrazil70,0003
Horseshoe6594Eran CarmiIsrael245,00010
Horseshoe6595Tyler CornellUnited States335,00013
Horseshoe6596Lawrence BrandtUnited States420,00017
Horseshoe6597Christopher KellerUnited States550,00022
Horseshoe6598Gregory KoloUnited States1,040,00042
Horseshoe6601Andrew WatsonUnited States438,00018
Horseshoe6602Caleb FurthUnited States160,0006
Horseshoe6603John RiordanUnited States185,0007
Horseshoe6604Ferenc DeakHungary1,025,00041
Horseshoe6605Philip LongUnited Kingdom605,00024
Horseshoe6606Michael BanducciUnited States1,250,00050
Horseshoe6607Thomas SkaggsUnited States270,00011
Horseshoe6608Christian HarderUnited States1,125,00045
Horseshoe6611Fernando HabeggerSwitzerland1,625,00065
Horseshoe6612Justin SteinUnited States510,00020
Horseshoe6613Levon KhachatryanUnited States320,00013
Horseshoe6614Bin WengUnited States155,0006
Horseshoe6615Cherish AndrewsUnited States460,00018
Horseshoe6616Alex FeinerUnited States145,0006
Horseshoe6617Anthony MarsicoUnited States865,00035
Horseshoe6618Uri ReichensteinIsrael810,00032

Official End of Day Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Fernando Habegger ch
Fernando Habegger
1,625,000 785,000
Day 1 Chip Leader
Roman Rogovskyi ua
Roman Rogovskyi
1,350,000 490,000
Michael Banducci us
Michael Banducci
WSOP 1X Winner
Michael Moncek us
Michael Moncek
1,210,000 220,000
WSOP 2X Winner
Christian Harder us
Christian Harder
1,125,000 515,000
Cai Zheng us
Cai Zheng
Gregory Kolo us
Gregory Kolo
WSOP 1X Winner
Ferenc Deak hu
Ferenc Deak
1,025,000 -425,000
Kristen Foxen ca
Kristen Foxen
895,000 15,000
WSOP 4X Winner
Tyler Brown us
Tyler Brown
880,000 290,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Anthony Marsico us
Anthony Marsico
Richard Green us
Richard Green
Uri Reichenstein il
Uri Reichenstein
810,000 -150,000
Alex Livingston ca
Alex Livingston
785,000 675,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Joao Vieira pt
Joao Vieira
Winamax Team Pro
WSOP 3X Winner
Wook Kim us
Wook Kim
Shiva Dudani us
Shiva Dudani
Marc Hollander us
Marc Hollander
Ryan Goindoo tt
Ryan Goindoo
Philip Long gb
Philip Long
WSOP 1X Winner
Christopher Keller us
Christopher Keller
550,000 -320,000
Scott Jacewicz Okelly
Scott Jacewicz Okelly
Stanislav Halatenko ua
Stanislav Halatenko
Justin Stein us
Justin Stein
Keith Carter us
Keith Carter

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Bagged and Tagged

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante

The remaining 48 players have bagged and tagged for the night and will return to action at noon local time tomorrow.

A full recap of the day will be available shortly.

Final Four Hands

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante

The tournament director announced that four more hands will be played until the remaining players bag for Day 2 tomorrow.

Reichenstein Scores The Knockout

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante

All the chips hit the middle preflop between Uri Reichenstein in the big blind and the player in the cutoff who was at risk for their last 190,000.

Opponent: A9
Uri Reichenstein: JJ

The board ran out J53K8 and the flopped set for Reichenstein held up to send his opponent to the payout desk.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Uri Reichenstein il
Uri Reichenstein

Tags: Uri Reichenstein

Khacatryan Is Priced In

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante

A player in the small blind bet 120,000 on 683, a player in middle position folded and Levon Khachatryan thought through his options before putting the remainder of his chips in the middle and himself at risk.

Levon Khachatryan: 6K104
Big Blind: A2KJ

The big blind was on a flush draw and when the 2 and the K peeled, the pot was awarded to Khachatryan.

Meanwhile, Daniel Negreanu was seen leaving the tournament area. He had secured a mincash and the ever-important Player of the Year points. However, viewers will have to wait until his famous YouTube VLOG tomorrow to find out just how he busted.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Levon Khachatryan us
Levon Khachatryan
510,000 170,000
Daniel Negreanu ca
Daniel Negreanu
WSOP 6X Winner
Poker Hall of Famer

Tags: Daniel NegreanuLevon Khachatryan

72nd - 86th Place Finishers

Livello 20 : Blinds 10,000/20,000, 20,000 ante

Each of the players min-cashed for $8,000.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Scott Ko us
Scott Ko
James Chen tw
James Chen
WSOP 1X Winner
Dylan Weisman us
Dylan Weisman
WSOP 1X Winner
Brad Ruben us
Brad Ruben
WSOP 4X Winner
Roger Teska us
Roger Teska
Steven Forman us
Steven Forman
Biao Ding cn
Biao Ding
Ezra Abugazal us
Ezra Abugazal
Noah Bronstein us
Noah Bronstein
Andrew Denick us
Andrew Denick
Michael Devinsky us
Michael Devinsky
Kristopher Lunsford us
Kristopher Lunsford
Justin Lunin-Pack us
Justin Lunin-Pack
Jeremy Ausmus us
Jeremy Ausmus
WSOP 6X Winner

Livello: 20

Bui: 10,000/20,000

Ante: 20,000