Il Gioco E' Vietato Ai Minori Di Anni 18. Il Gioco Puo' Causare Dipendenza. Gioca Responsabilmente

Main Event

Rizzo Rivered?


Giovanni Rizzo's surname translates to "River" and we think he may have been beaten on the street with no name.

Marco Bognanni opened from the button and then called as Rizzo three-bet from the big blind. The pair shared a flop reading {q-Clubs}{2-Hearts}{q-Spades}, a flop that Rizzo bet 800 on and Bognanni called.

That was the last of the betting as the players checked through the {9-Diamonds} turn and the {k-Diamonds} river Bognanni taking down the pot with his {a-Clubs}{k-Spades}.

Chip counts
Giovanni Rizzo 28,600 -1,400

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