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Main Event

Fabien Sartoris Rapidly Losing Ground

[user169806] • Livello 8: 300-600, 75 ante

Fabien Sartoris has just three-bet folded in two consecutive hands. The first saw Dominik Nitsche open to 1,200 from the cutoff, a bet that Sartoris three-bet to 2,900 on the button. The action was back in Nitsche and he four-bet all-in for effective 20,300 but we did not see a showdown as Sartoris folded.

The very next hand Nistche opened again and again to 1,200. Once more, Sartoris three-bet to 3,000 putting the action on Jonathan Roy on the button. He studied the stack sizes of the active players before four-betting to 5,700. Nitsche quickly got out of the way but Sartoris considered his options for a little longer but he ultimately folded.

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