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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #55: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better
Giorni 1
Event Info

2023 World Series of Poker

Risultati finali
Mano Vincente
Event Info
Informazioni livello
300,000 / 600,000
Informazioni Giocatori - Giorno 1
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Event #55: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Giorno 1 completo

Rodawig Bags Big in Event #55: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better

Livello 15
Eric Rodawig
Eric Rodawig

Day 1 of Event #55: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better has reached its conclusion here at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas with Eric Rodawig leading the remaining 183 players after accumulating 234,500 in chips.

Rodawig, a finance director, has World Series of Poker cashes dating back to 2009, including a bracelet that he won back in 2011 after defeating Phil Hellmuth in a $10,000 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship event.

Other notables who will continue their run into Day 2 include Kao Saechao (155,000), Jon Turner (136,000), Brian Rast (118,000), Frankie O'Dell (100,000), Adam Friedman (98,500), Norman Chad (70,000), and Jermaine Reid (71,500), who won this event back in 2021.

End of Day 1 Top Ten Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip Count
1Eric RodawigUnited States234,500
2Kevin CoteUnited States187,000
3Constantine ZdanowichUnited States186,500
4Qibang CheungUnited Kingdom175,000
5Michael EstesUnited States173,000
6William BuckleyUnited States164,500
7John EspositoUnited States163,500
8Ivan SchertzerUnited States161,000
9Rafael ConcepcionUnited States155,500
10Kao SaechaoUnited States155,000

Day 1 Action

Day 1 drew a total of 566 players, which generated a prize pool of $755,610. A total of 85 players will make the money and take home at least $2,421. The eventual winner will take home $155,275 in addition to the gold bracelet.

Among the less fortunate today were Daniel Negreanu, Barry Greenstein, Jeff Madsen, Patrick Leonard, James Woods, Allen Kessler, Ted Forrest, Jeff Lisandro, and Scotty Nguyen, who made his exit late in Day 1 after running into the two pair of Nitesh Rawtani.

Play is set to resume Sunday, June 25, at 1:00 p.m. local time and continue for an additional 10 levels. Day 2 levels will be extended to 60 minutes each and players will get a 15-minute break after every two levels. A 60-minute dinner break will be held after Level 21.

Be sure to stick with PokerNews as we continue our coverage of Event #55: $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better, leading to the money bubble and eventually the next WSOP bracelet winner!

Tags: Adam FriedmanAllen KesslerBarry GreensteinBrian RastDaniel NegreanuEric RodawigFrankie O'DellJeff LisandroJeff MadsenJermaine ReidKao SaechaoNorman ChadPatrick LeonardPhil HellmuthScotty NguyenTed Forrest

Seat Draw For Day 2

Livello 15
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe6461DID NOT REPORT 1 1 
Horseshoe6462Gregory GiannokostasUnited States76,500 
Horseshoe6463James JuvancicUnited States33,000 
Horseshoe6464Gregory KelleyUnited States91,000 
Horseshoe6465Martin StillingUnited States30,500 
Horseshoe6466Steven ShkolnikUnited States149,500 
Horseshoe6467Sergio BragaUnited States132,000 
Horseshoe6468Ivan SchertzerUnited States161,000 
Horseshoe6471David MartinUnited States121,000 
Horseshoe6472Adam FriedmanUnited States98,500 
Horseshoe6473Timothy FrazinUnited States101,500 
Horseshoe6474Tyler WillseUnited States85,000 
Horseshoe6475Michael EstesUnited States173,000 
Horseshoe6476John EspositoUnited States163,500 
Horseshoe6477Jon TurnerUnited States136,000 
Horseshoe6478Jesse LonisUnited States6,500 
Horseshoe6481Benjamin HebertUnited States75,500 
Horseshoe6482Kenneth PoUnited States7,000 
Horseshoe6483Domnick SarleUnited States50,500 
Horseshoe6484Daniel PlonskerUnited States43,000 
Horseshoe6486Michael SopkoUnited States19,500 
Horseshoe6487Christina TaylorUnited States40,000 
Horseshoe6488Aaron SpringerUnited States55,500 
Horseshoe6492Kurt MaierUnited States122,000 
Horseshoe6493John FahmyUnited States56,500 
Horseshoe6494Richard Rinker-46,000 
Horseshoe6495Ahmed MohamedUnited States121,000 
Horseshoe6496Chris BellUnited States32,000 
Horseshoe6497Kenneth GilmanUnited States84,000 
Horseshoe6498Daniel PopkaveUnited States59,500 
Horseshoe6501Mike MatusowUnited States36,500 
Horseshoe6502Alexander KellAustria50,000 
Horseshoe6503Mike PuskarichUnited States75,500 
Horseshoe6504Kenneth KeatingUnited States12,000 
Horseshoe6505Joe BrindleUnited Kingdom104,500 
Horseshoe6506David AgarwalUnited States122,500 
Horseshoe6507Joseph SantagataUnited States98,000 
Horseshoe6508Ayelet KotonasUnited States60,000 
Horseshoe6541Shaun DeebUnited States116,500 
Horseshoe6542Paul SokoloffUnited Kingdom58,000 
Horseshoe6543Rebecca GennettUnited States128,500 
Horseshoe6544Gregory MastersonUnited States43,000 
Horseshoe6545Paul EdwardsUnited States45,500 
Horseshoe6546Ann EmbryUnited States61,500 
Horseshoe6547Chris George (NY)United States140,500 
Horseshoe6548Charles WeyUnited States100,500 
Horseshoe6551Yarron BendorUnited States131,000 
Horseshoe6552DID NOT REPORT 4United States13,000 
Horseshoe6553Jonathan NgUnited States117,000 
Horseshoe6554Scott NumotoUnited States101,500 
Horseshoe6555Brian RastUnited States118,000 
Horseshoe6556Ben RossUnited States65,000 
Horseshoe6557Hiroaki MurayamaJapan154,500 
Horseshoe6558Justin MarshUnited States21,000 
Horseshoe6561Seseung OhCanada115,000 
Horseshoe6562Simon YeeUnited States77,500 
Horseshoe6563Maxwell TroyUnited States67,000 
Horseshoe6564Matthew HarderUnited States73,500 
Horseshoe6565Erik BlazynskiUnited States58,500 
Horseshoe6566Lawrence WayneUnited States30,500 
Horseshoe6567Patricia YannuzziUnited States119,000 
Horseshoe6568Robert TurnerUnited States32,500 
Horseshoe6571Karl TretterUnited States89,500 
Horseshoe6572DID NOT REPORT 3United States19,500 
Horseshoe6573William TobiaUnited States58,000 
Horseshoe6574Michael AlforqueUnited States73,500 
Horseshoe6575Gregory BitterlyUnited States62,000 
Horseshoe6576Brett RicheyUnited States61,000 
Horseshoe6577Daniel ZackUnited States41,500 
Horseshoe6578Joseph WeinbergerUnited States110,000 
Horseshoe6581Gary BoldenUnited States30,000 
Horseshoe6582Steven MetzgerUnited States55,000 
Horseshoe6583Amnon FilippiUnited States45,000 
Horseshoe6584Kai HicksUnited States84,500 
Horseshoe6585Vaughan MachadoUnited States89,000 
Horseshoe6586Andrew ThompsonUnited States24,000 
Horseshoe6587Susan GenardUnited States19,500 
Horseshoe6588Todd IckowUnited States77,500 
Horseshoe6591Frank MenendezUnited States33,000 
Horseshoe6592Marcin HoreckiPoland89,000 
Horseshoe6593Shannon WestbrookUnited States66,500 
Horseshoe6594Jeffrey KaatzUnited States32,000 
Horseshoe6595Kevin ChanceUnited States111,000 
Horseshoe6596Kathy ChangUnited States1 
Horseshoe6597Mike KrescankoUnited States52,000 
Horseshoe6598Walter TreccarichiItaly119,500 
Horseshoe6601Darryl RonconiUnited States133,500 
Horseshoe6602Steven HermanUnited States28,000 
Horseshoe6603Qibang CheungUnited Kingdom175,000 
Horseshoe6605Qinghai PanUnited States75,000 
Horseshoe6606Marcel VonkUnited States101,500 
Horseshoe6607Andres KornUnited States69,000 
Horseshoe6608Robert StanableUnited States28,500 
Horseshoe6611James KennedyUnited States93,000 
Horseshoe6612DID NOT REPORT 2United States16,500 
Horseshoe6613Jose LatorracaBrasil57,000 
Horseshoe6614Sang ShinUnited States72,500 
Horseshoe6615Jennifer OarUnited States91,000 
Horseshoe6616Cy DixonUnited States50,500 
Horseshoe6617John RuggieriUnited States141,000 
Horseshoe6621David KluchmanUnited States54,500 
Horseshoe6622Kao SaechaoUnited States155,000 
Horseshoe6623David GeeUnited States86,500 
Horseshoe6624Max PescatoriItaly73,500 
Horseshoe6625Bentley RobertsUnited States138,500 
Horseshoe6626Sergei TolkachovUnited States32,500 
Horseshoe6628Jonathan HartUnited States23,500 
Horseshoe6631Fuyuki InageJapan44,500 
Horseshoe6632Denny AxelUnited States85,000 
Horseshoe6633Gabriel Jansen Falcao BalUnited States53,000 
Horseshoe6634Gabe RamosUnited States65,000 
Horseshoe6635Jose Paz-GutierrezBolivia106,000 
Horseshoe6636Vincent KollySwitzerland31,000 
Horseshoe6637John JenkinsUnited States104,500 
Horseshoe6638Gregory JamisonUnited States59,000 
Horseshoe6641John BellUnited States106,500 
Horseshoe6642Alex LivingstonCanada7,000 
Horseshoe6643Chad CampbellUnited States54,000 
Horseshoe6644Paul HochUnited States69,000 
Horseshoe6645Jeffrey CalkinsUnited States120,000 
Horseshoe6647William PalmUnited States33,000 
Horseshoe6648Lonnie HeimowitzUnited States74,000 
Horseshoe6651Ben TangUnited States118,000 
Horseshoe6652Hal RotholzUnited States92,500 
Horseshoe6653Brian EichhornUnited States26,500 
Horseshoe6655Frankie O'DellUnited States100,000 
Horseshoe6656Svetlana GromenkovaUnited States12,500 
Horseshoe6658Stephen CalhounUnited States60,000 
Horseshoe6661Frederic MossCanada152,000 
Horseshoe6662Neil SmithUnited States62,000 
Horseshoe6663David GreenbergUnited States39,500 
Horseshoe6664Brian GraysonUnited States121,500 
Horseshoe6665Sergio RamirezUnited States116,500 
Horseshoe6666David EbrightUnited States28,000 
Horseshoe6667Constantine ZdanowichUnited States186,500 
Horseshoe6668Eric ThorenUnited States21,000 
Horseshoe6681Rafael ConcepcionUnited States155,500 
Horseshoe6682Martin FitzmauriceUnited States37,100 
Horseshoe6683Charles BarkerUnited States113,500 
Horseshoe6684Russell ClaytonUnited States104,500 
Horseshoe6685Jack RosenfeldtUnited States18,500 
Horseshoe6686Kevin CoteUnited States187,000 
Horseshoe6687Steve AllenUnited States86,000 
Horseshoe6688Ann BloomUnited States22,500 
Horseshoe6691Eric RodawigUnited States234,500 
Horseshoe6692Kyle HinnerichsUnited States66,000 
Horseshoe6693Bruce HoytUnited States92,500 
Horseshoe6694John HoangUnited States59,500 
Horseshoe6695Alan LedfordUnited States111,500 
Horseshoe6696Jared RubinUnited States32,000 
Horseshoe6697Nitesh RawtaniUnited States129,000 
Horseshoe6698Daniel HoferUnited States31,500 
Horseshoe6701Joseph BowersUnited States114,000 
Horseshoe6702Mark DicksteinUnited States117,000 
Horseshoe6703Scott ClementsUnited States129,000 
Horseshoe6704James JohnsonUnited States70,500 
Horseshoe6705Paul ParksUnited States71,000 
Horseshoe6706Andrew KelsallUnited States34,000 
Horseshoe6707Thomas SavitskyUnited States19,000 
Horseshoe6708Corey BradfordUnited States87,000 
Horseshoe6711Joshua ChudnovskyUnited States44,500 
Horseshoe6712Hoyt VernerUnited States42,500 
Horseshoe6713Dustin DirksenUnited States73,000 
Horseshoe6714Lorri BrodaUnited States44,000 
Horseshoe6715Jacob IrvinUnited States115,500 
Horseshoe6716Sandra TingUnited States104,500 
Horseshoe6717Roland IsraelashviliUnited States77,000 
Horseshoe6718Mihails MorozovsLatvia45,000 
Horseshoe6721David PragerUnited States120,000 
Horseshoe6722Artur SaakyantsRussia65,000 
Horseshoe6723Michael McKennaUnited States63,000 
Horseshoe6724Andrew YehUnited States18,000 
Horseshoe6725William BuckleyUnited States164,500 
Horseshoe6726Marshall RagirUnited States20,000 
Horseshoe6727Salah LevyUnited States35,000 
Horseshoe6728Jermaine ReidUnited States71,500 
Horseshoe6741Rich NguyenUnited States1 
Horseshoe6742Derek McMasterUnited States129,000 
Horseshoe6743Jonathan WilliamsUnited States46,000 
Horseshoe6744James KaramanisUnited States115,500 
Horseshoe6745William CorenUnited States36,500 
Horseshoe6746Norman ChadUnited States70,000 
Horseshoe6748Brian SchollUnited States137,500 

Official End of Day 1 Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 15
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Eric Rodawig us
Eric Rodawig
234,500 143,500
Day 1 Chip Leader
WSOP 1X Winner
Kevin Cote us
Kevin Cote
187,000 187,000
Constantine Zdanowich us
Constantine Zdanowich
186,500 186,500
James Cheung gb
James Cheung
175,000 175,000
Day 2 Chip Leader
Michael Estes us
Michael Estes
173,000 173,000
William Buckley us
William Buckley
164,500 164,500
John Esposito us
John Esposito
163,500 78,500
WSOP 1X Winner
Ivan Schertzer us
Ivan Schertzer
161,000 161,000
Rafael Concepcion us
Rafael Concepcion
155,500 155,500
Kao Saechao us
Kao Saechao
155,000 15,000
Hiroaki Murayama jp
Hiroaki Murayama
154,500 154,500
Frederic Moss ca
Frederic Moss
152,000 152,000
Steven Shkolnik us
Steven Shkolnik
149,500 149,500
John Ruggieri us
John Ruggieri
141,000 141,000
Chris George (NY) us
Chris George (NY)
140,500 140,500
Bentley Roberts us
Bentley Roberts
138,500 138,500
Brian Scholl us
Brian Scholl
137,500 137,500
Jon Turner us
Jon Turner
136,000 6,000
Darryl Ronconi us
Darryl Ronconi
133,500 133,500
Sergio Braga br
Sergio Braga
132,000 132,000
Yarron Bendor us
Yarron Bendor
131,000 131,000
Nitesh Rawtani us
Nitesh Rawtani
129,000 4,000
Scott Clements us
Scott Clements
129,000 59,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Derek McMaster us
Derek McMaster
129,000 34,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Rebecca Gennett us
Rebecca Gennett
128,500 128,500

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Saechao and Rinker Cooler Rosario

Livello 15

Kao Saechao: 325/8738
Richard Rinker: JxJxXx/10555
Shirley Rosario: QxQxXx/QKA7

Action was picked up on sixth street with Richard Rinker already all in. The other two players, Kao Saechao, and Shirley Rosario, checked on sixth street.

On seventh street Saechao bet and Rosario called off with the last of her chips.

Rosario had started with rolled-up queens, but Rinker hit three consecutive fives on fourth through sixth street to make a full house and take the high. Saechao had made the low with the eight to take the other half and Rosario was sent to the rail just before the end of Day 1.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Kao Saechao us
Kao Saechao
140,000 64,000
Richard Rinker
Richard Rinker
26,000 26,000
Shirley Rosario us
Shirley Rosario

Tags: Kao SaechaoRichard RinkerShirley Rosario

Ting Takes Matusow to Value Town

Livello 15

Sandra Ting: AA7/6744
Mike Matusow: XxXx/KAJ2
Opponent: XxXx/A810 - folded on fifth street

A player with an ace completed and received a call from Mike Matusow before Sandra Ting raised it to two bets. Both the initial raiser and Matusow made the call.

Ting bet again on fourth street, receiving a call from both opponents.

On fifth street Ting fired another bet and got a fold from the initial raiser, while Matusow still called.

Action repeated itself on sixth and seventh streets, with Ting betting and Matusow calling each time.

Ting tabled two pair, aces and sevens and Matusow mucked his cards, sending Ting a sizable pot.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Mike Matusow us
Mike Matusow
66,000 -22,000
WSOP 4X Winner
Sandra Ting us
Sandra Ting
58,500 58,500

Tags: Mike MatusowSandra Ting

Livello: 15

Ante - 1,000
Bring In - 1,000
Limits - 3,000-6,000