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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #70: $400 Colossus
Giorni 2
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2023 World Series of Poker

Risultati finali
Mano Vincente
Event Info
Informazioni livello
5,000,000 / 10,000,000
Informazioni Giocatori - Giorno 2
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Event #70: $400 Colossus

Giorno 2 completo

Jesse Kertland Bags Huge in Event #70: $400 Colossus

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante
Jesse Kertland
Jesse Kertland

Players who made it through Day 1a and Day 1b combined into one field for a total of 1,980 competitors looking to make it through to Day 3. After a total of 15 levels of play that field was whittled down to only 80. This was an incredible run for everyone who has advanced thus far, as the Colossus here at the 2023 World Series of Poker, hosted by Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas, attracted a monumental 15,983 entrants.

Some of those who finished up in the lead included Jesse Kertland (26,150,000), who made a huge call towards the end of the night to catapult him up in the counts; Kertland already had five cashes in this year’s WSOP coming into this event. Colin Robinson (22,300,000) also broke the twenty million mark but he won’t be playing for a lifetime highscore, as he’s coming off a runner up in Event #39: $1,500 Monster Stack for $718,000. Toshimasa Sakato (15,925,000) doesn’t trail too far behind, with most of his recorded cashes being in the 2021 and 2022 WSOP Online Bracelet events hosted by GGPoker.

End of Day 2 Top 10 Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
1Jesse KertlandUnited States26,150,00065
2Colin RobinsonUnited States22,300,00056
3Darrick ArreolaUnited States19,750,00049
4Michael HalevyUnited States16,975,00042
5Toshimasa SakatoJapan15,925,00040
6Laurence SametUnited States15,625,00039
7Francesco MicucciItaly14,725,00037
8Mitchell SmithUnited States12,475,00031
9Erdenbold BegzjavMongolia12,400,00031
10Moshe RefaelowitzUnited Kingdom12,400,00031

James Dempsey (8,275,000) and Ian Steinman (7,700,000) remain the only two previous bracelet winners in the field but they weren’t the only two to start the day. 2005’s Player of the Year, Allen Cunningham was eliminated deep in Day 2 and 2021’s Ladies Champion, Lara Eisenberg also fell throughout the day.

Popular poker personalities Benjamin Spragg and Kevin Martin also made it deep in the money but came short of a bag. Martin's night came to an abrupt end shortly after having his queens cracked.

Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin

Day 3 will begin at 10:00 a.m. local time on July 3rd in the Paris ballroom. All player’s returning are guaranteed a payout of $5,930, but the apex everyone will be looking up to is a whopping $501,120 to go along with the hardware. Not a bad prize for a $400 buy-in.

Stay hot on the refresh button here at PokerNews for any and all your updates in the 2023 WSOP.

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Seat Draw for Day 3

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Paris11Abraham SerranoSpain7,100,00018
Paris12Ryan RamsdellUnited States11,800,00030
Paris13William MrochekUnited States4,100,00010
Paris14Brian LamannaUnited States3,900,00010
Paris15Yi-Cheng YehUnited States6,800,00017
Paris16Erdenbold BegzjavMongolia12,400,00031
Paris17Andre ClarkeUnited States3,525,0009
Paris18Manish MadanUnited States5,350,00013
Paris19Dae Woong SongSouth Korea9,475,00024
Paris21Terry WilliamsUnited States2,000,0505
Paris22Colin RobinsonUnited States22,300,00056
Paris23Ashkan RazaviCanada1,525,0004
Paris24Louis RussoUnited States9,300,02523
Paris25Jesse KertlandUnited States26,150,00065
Paris26James ManalangUnited States4,800,00012
Paris27Garrett FleetwoodUnited States9,650,00024
Paris28Andrew StirlingUnited States9,800,00025
Paris29Tanupat PunjarojanakulUnited States2,450,0006
Paris31Aaron GunnUnited States4,800,75012
Paris32Victor PaulinoUnited States3,400,0009
Paris33David DanlagUnited States3,600,0009
Paris34Richard WilliamsCanada9,625,00024
Paris35Bruno HernandezUnited States11,250,00028
Paris36Francesco MicucciItaly14,725,00037
Paris37Richie WongUnited States11,000,00028
Paris38Jonathan EdmondsonUnited States4,950,00012
Paris39Jacques OrtegaBrazil3,625,0009
Paris41Laurence SametUnited States15,625,00039
Paris42Moshe RefaelowitzUnited Kingdom12,400,00031
Paris43Gabriel Jansen Falcao BalUnited States5,550,00014
Paris44Paul McMullinUnited States5,100,00013
Paris45James DempseyUnited Kingdom8,275,00021
Paris46Mayank MadanUnited States5,750,00014
Paris47Gibran BaraanUnited States3,975,00010
Paris48Michael YoungUnited States5,050,00013
Paris49David NutiniUnited States10,800,00027
Paris51William AckermanUnited States660,0002
Paris52Ken BarkoffUnited States11,175,00028
Paris53Ghadi AkariUnited States10,225,00026
Paris54Prabakaran SivabalasundaramCanada8,650,00022
Paris55Konstantinos NanosGermany9,200,00023
Paris56Alessandro MinasiItaly3,175,0008
Paris57Ethan BlaunerUnited States7,000,00018
Paris58Darrick ArreolaUnited States19,750,00049
Paris59Louis GanserUnited States12,370,00031
Paris101Jeremy AbramsUnited States4,300,00011
Paris102Denny LeeUnited States5,350,00013
Paris103Alexander PerezUnited States7,050,00018
Paris104Mitchell SmithUnited States12,475,00031
Paris105Derek RomanowskyUnited States7,650,00019
Paris106Ricardo EyzaguirreUnited States3,400,0009
Paris107Andrew ChungUnited States3,150,0008
Paris108John GorsuchUnited States4,075,00010
Paris109Daniel ScalfaroUnited States7,801,50020
Paris111Henry FischerBrazil1,100,0003
Paris112Sean GibsonUnited States6,050,00015
Paris113James RannUnited Kingdom12,025,00030
Paris114Florentino DeleonUnited States8,000,05020
Paris115John FaggUnited States5,100,00013
Paris116Max KingstoneUnited States4,400,00011
Paris117Raghuram JonnalageddaUnited States8,025,00020
Paris118Abdulrahim AmerUnited States11,325,00028
Paris119Shawn GillUnited States5,900,00015
Paris121Toshimasa SakatoJapan15,925,00040
Paris122Gary K Y YeeCanada3,400,0009
Paris123Jose OrozcogomezMexico9,350,00023
Paris124Olga IermolchevaUnited States4,575,00011
Paris125Nikhil NairUnited States8,350,00021
Paris126Edgar AntezanaSouth Africa4,500,00011
Paris127Michael HalevyUnited States16,975,00042
Paris128Ninos AwrahamUnited States8,500,00021
Paris129Mitchell WatsonAustralia8,890,07522
Paris131Jason WheelerUnited States2,375,0006
Paris133Samuel DeeringAustralia3,450,0009
Paris134Dario DussanUnited States11,900,00030
Paris135Adam VelezUnited States4,500,02511
Paris136Pete ChenTaiwan10,075,00025
Paris137George TomescuRomania6,725,00017
Paris138Ian SteinmanUnited States7,700,00019
Paris139Manuel Bravo MartinsPortugal9,725,00024

Official End of Night Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Jesse Kertland us
Jesse Kertland
26,150,000 1,150,000
Day 2 Chip Leader
Colin Robinson us
Colin Robinson
22,300,000 800,000
Darrick Arreola us
Darrick Arreola
19,750,000 10,850,000
Michael Halevy us
Michael Halevy
16,975,000 12,305,000
Toshimasa Sakato jp
Toshimasa Sakato
15,925,000 2,325,000
Laurence Samet us
Laurence Samet
15,625,000 14,965,000
Francesco Micucci lu
Francesco Micucci
14,725,000 9,875,000
Mitchell Smith us
Mitchell Smith
12,475,000 1,075,000
Moshe Refaelovitz gb
Moshe Refaelovitz
12,400,000 3,100,000
Erdenbold Begzjav mn
Erdenbold Begzjav
12,400,000 12,073,000
Louis Ganser us
Louis Ganser
12,370,000 12,065,000
James Rann gb
James Rann
12,025,000 3,525,000
Dario Dussan us
Dario Dussan
11,900,000 11,528,000
Ryan Ramsdell us
Ryan Ramsdell
11,800,000 300,000
Abdulrahim Amer us
Abdulrahim Amer
11,325,000 10,948,000
Bruno Hernandez mx
Bruno Hernandez
11,250,000 8,550,000
Ken Barkoff us
Ken Barkoff
11,175,000 11,000,000
Richie Wong
Richie Wong
11,000,000 -3,800,000
David Nutini us
David Nutini
10,800,000 -700,000
Ghadi Akari us
Ghadi Akari
10,225,000 10,033,000
Pete Chen tw
Pete Chen
10,075,000 -2,025,000
Andrew Stirling us
Andrew Stirling
9,800,000 9,629,000
Manuel Bravo Martins pt
Manuel Bravo Martins
9,725,000 9,231,000
Garrett Fleetwood us
Garrett Fleetwood
9,650,000 4,250,000
Dick Williams ca
Dick Williams
9,625,000 -75,000

Leggi tutto

Restart 10 a.m

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante

Boos took over the room as the tournament director announced the Day 3 restart will commence at 10 a.m. on Monday.

It will be taking place in the Paris hotel.

Kertland Wins a Big One

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante

Jesse Kertland raised before the flop and was called by a player two seats to his left.

Heads up, they saw a flop of 823 and Kertland bet again, receiving a call.

When the 8 rolled off the turn, both players checked, bringing the 2 on the river.

When Kertland bet the river, he was faced with a massive shove but ultimately made the call and his opponent turned up 1010, but Kertland showed better with the QQ.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Jesse Kertland us
Jesse Kertland
25,000,000 24,067,000
Day 2 Chip Leader

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Robinson Extends Chiplead as Amir is Eliminated

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante

Thomas Amir shoved for 2,300,000 and Colin Robinson made the call.

Thomas Amir: AJ
Colin Robinson: KJ

Amir had Robinson dominated but the Q92 flop was a sweat as Robinson picked up a gutshot and a flush draw.

The 3 completed the flush, leaving Amir drawing dead and the 3 river was just a formality.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Colin Robinson us
Colin Robinson
21,500,000 1,200,000
Thomas Amir au
Thomas Amir

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Chen's Sevens Eliminate Frenzel

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante

Mitchell Smith raised 750,000 in early position and Pete Chen called on the button before Brian Frenzel jammed for 3,375,000 in the small blind. Smith went deep into the tank before sigh folding and Chen asked for 20 seconds to make a decision. Eventually, Chen called and both hands were revealed.

Brian Frenzel: A10
Pete Chen: 77

It was a race as the board ran out 8635Q, for Chen's sevens to hold. Smith let out a cry as the river hit, claiming to have folded ace-queen which would have won the hand.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Pete Chen tw
Pete Chen
12,100,000 4,500,000
Mitchell Smith us
Mitchell Smith
11,400,000 8,200,000
Brian Frenzel us
Brian Frenzel

Tags: Brian FrenzelPete ChenMitchell Smith

A Turn of Fortune for Blauner

Livello 32 : Blinds 150,000/300,000, 300,000 ante
Ethan Blauner
Ethan Blauner

Ethan Blauner got in a raising war preflop against the player two seats two his right and by the end of it, Blauner was at risk.

Ethan Blauner: AQ
Opponent: KQ

The flop was a dagger to Blauner, as it came 5K7.

The turn, however, pulled him ahead again as the A peeled, making the 10 that fell on the river a brick as Blauner secured a huge double with only thirty minutes of play left in the day.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Ethan Blauner us
Ethan Blauner
7,700,000 4,950,000

Tags: Ethan Blauner