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2023 World Series of Poker

Event #9: $1,500 Seven Card Stud
Giorni 1
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2023 World Series of Poker

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Event #9: $1,500 Seven Card Stud

Giorno 1 completo

Dzmitry Urbanovich Bags Day 1 Chip Lead of $1,500 Seven Card Stud

Livello 15
Day 1 Chip Leader Dzmitry Urbanovich
Day 1 Chip Leader Dzmitry Urbanovich

Day 1 of Event #9: $1,500 Seven Card Stud has come to an end at the 2023 World Series of Poker with Dzmitry Urbanovich emerging as the Day 1 chip leader after amassing 292,000 through 15 levels of play.

The event drew a total of 339 players, which surpassed last year's field of 329 and generated a total prize pool of $480,600. Only 101 of them will return to the action today. The final 54 players will make the money with the eventual winner taking home a cool $110,800 in addition to a WSOP bracelet.

Urbanovich, who has an EPT title and more than $6 million in reported tournament earnings, built his stack steadily throughout the day and is in pole position to make a run at his first WSOP bracelet.

Other notables who survived into Day 2 include Shaun Deeb (255,500), Victor Ramdin (187,500), John Cernuto (123,000), Ari Engel (115,000), Barry Greenstein (97,500), and Nick Schulman (241,500), who scooped a massive pot late in the day to bag as one of the chip leaders.

Top Ten Chip Counts

RankPlayerCountryChip CountBig Bets
1Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland292,00037
2Chris HundleyUnited States261,50033
3Shaun DeebUnited States255,50032
4Nick SchulmanUnited States241,50030
5John MonnetteUnited States222,50028
6Joseph VillellaUnited States208,00026
7Ben YuUnited States191,00024
8Tim FrazinUnited States189,50024
9Victor RamdinUnited States187,50023
10Kevin IacofanoUnited States185,50023

Among the less fortunate were Brandon Shack-Harris, Eli Elezra, Ethan "Rampage" Yau, Alex Foxen, David Williams, and Daniel Negreanu — all of whom busted out before the day's end.

Absent was defending champion Alex Livingston, who instead was running deep in overlaying Event #6: $5,000 Mixed No-Limit Hold'em/Pot-Limit Omaha. Livingston ended up getting third place in the event for $235,062.

The remaining 101 players will return June 3 at 1 p.m. to play an additional 12 levels, which will be extended to 60 minutes each. The money bubble will burst once the field gets down to 54 players as mentioned before.

Be sure to stick with PokerNews as we continue to bring you all the action from this and other WSOP bracelet events throughout the day at the Horseshoe and Paris Las Vegas.

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Seat Draw For Day 2

Livello 15
CasinoTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Horseshoe6491Terrence HastooUnited States146,000 
Horseshoe6492Ian GavlickUnited States37,500 
Horseshoe6493Dale PhillipsUnited States63,500 
Horseshoe6494Paul MangineUnited States60,000 
Horseshoe6495James PaluszekUnited States125,500 
Horseshoe6496Roland IsraelashviliUnited States25,000 
Horseshoe6497Matthew WoodwardUnited States51,000 
Horseshoe6501Mike GorodinskyUnited States18,500 
Horseshoe6502DID NOT REPORT 2United States1 
Horseshoe6503Jeffrey HalcombUnited States65,000 
Horseshoe6504Negie MarucciUnited States46,500 
Horseshoe6505Allen KesslerUnited States103,000 
Horseshoe6506Peter ClevenUnited States65,000 
Horseshoe6507John BunchUnited States65,000 
Horseshoe6508Hojeong LeeUnited States116,000 
Horseshoe6511John MonnetteUnited States222,500 
Horseshoe6513DID NOT REPORT 1N/A1 
Horseshoe6514Barry GreensteinUnited States97,500 
Horseshoe6515Bruce LevittUnited States145,000 
Horseshoe6516Eugene ParentiUnited States98,500 
Horseshoe6517Christopher ChungUnited States29,000 
Horseshoe6522Rodney PardeyUnited States182,500 
Horseshoe6523Filippos StavrakisUnited States28,500 
Horseshoe6524Michael SigelUnited States23,000 
Horseshoe6526Ronald MinnisUnited States61,500 
Horseshoe6527Oliver VereschaginUnited States67,000 
Horseshoe6528Dennis KimUnited States64,500 
Horseshoe6531Jordan WaltherUnited States81,000 
Horseshoe6532Andrew HasdalUnited States128,000 
Horseshoe6533Maksim PisarenkoRussia38,000 
Horseshoe6534David PardeyUnited States39,500 
Horseshoe6535Felipe RamosBrazil105,000 
Horseshoe6536Dzmitry UrbanovichPoland292,000 
Horseshoe6537Chris TrybaUnited States74,500 
Horseshoe6561Allen WongUnited States47,000 
Horseshoe6563Barry MarfleetUnited States52,500 
Horseshoe6564Darren ShebellUnited States49,000 
Horseshoe6565Barbara LewisUnited States81,000 
Horseshoe6566Daniel WeinmanUnited States108,000 
Horseshoe6567Jesse KatzUnited States72,500 
Horseshoe6568Everett CarltonUnited States171,500 
Horseshoe6572Christopher RayUnited States67,500 
Horseshoe6573Nicole HarrisUnited States29,000 
Horseshoe6574Christopher AdamsUnited States127,500 
Horseshoe6575Robert CampbellAustralia75,500 
Horseshoe6576Duke ViverosUnited States96,500 
Horseshoe6577Raymond HensonUnited States137,500 
Horseshoe6578Andreas MetkerGermany27,000 
Horseshoe6581El AlbaraziUnited States56,500 
Horseshoe6582Tab ThiptinnakonUnited States35,000 
Horseshoe6583Lawrence BrandtUnited States50,000 
Horseshoe6584Anatolii ZyrinRussia51,000 
Horseshoe6585Joseph BowersUnited States15,000 
Horseshoe6586Kevin IacofanoUnited States185,500 
Horseshoe6587Chris HundleyUnited States261,500 
Horseshoe6588Paresh DoshiUnited Kingdom105,500 
Horseshoe6591DJ BuckleyUnited States130,500 
Horseshoe6592Joel TushnetUnited States28,000 
Horseshoe6593Michael NooriUnited States110,500 
Horseshoe6594Joseph VillellaUnited States208,000 
Horseshoe6595Aaron KupinUnited States107,000 
Horseshoe6596David FunkhouserUnited States39,500 
Horseshoe6597Peter NeffUnited States96,000 
Horseshoe6598David EbrightUnited States31,000 
Horseshoe6601Simon YeeUnited States61,500 
Horseshoe6602Pawel AndrzejewskiUnited States94,000 
Horseshoe6603Scott SmileUnited States107,000 
Horseshoe6604Elias HouraniUnited States93,000 
Horseshoe6605Nick SchulmanUnited States241,500 
Horseshoe6606Greg MuellerCanada111,000 
Horseshoe6607Matt SolopertoUnited States46,500 
Horseshoe6608Tanner LarsonUnited States95,000 
Horseshoe6611Cyndy VioletteUnited States43,000 
Horseshoe6612Jeri SieberUnited States40,000 
Horseshoe6613Robert GreenwoodUnited States44,000 
Horseshoe6614Shaun DeebUnited States255,500 
Horseshoe6615Peter LynnUnited States111,500 
Horseshoe6616Mitchell PuttermanUnited States45,500 
Horseshoe6617Robert LauriaUnited States70,000 
Horseshoe6618David BachUnited States115,500 
Horseshoe6641Timothy FrazinUnited States189,500 
Horseshoe6645Victor RamdinUnited States187,500 
Horseshoe6646James MaguireUnited States31,000 
Horseshoe6647John ArcanoUnited States40,000 
Horseshoe6648David SingerUnited States128,500 
Horseshoe6651Noah BronsteinUnited States99,000 
Horseshoe6652Michael SouchakUnited States110,000 
Horseshoe6653Ben YuUnited States191,000 
Horseshoe6654Chip JettUnited States100,500 
Horseshoe6655Seiko KudoJapan20,000 
Horseshoe6656Frankie O'DellUnited States46,000 
Horseshoe6657John CernutoUnited States123,000 
Horseshoe6658Thomas StinsonUnited States51,500 
Horseshoe6661Andrew KelsallUnited States71,500 
Horseshoe6662Todd BuiUnited States61,000 
Horseshoe6663Vincent CalicchiaUnited States54,500 
Horseshoe6664Tony MaUnited States43,000 
Horseshoe6665Daniel StrelitzUnited States87,000 
Horseshoe6666David "Bakes" BakerUnited States139,000 
Horseshoe6667Roman HrabecMexico45,500 
Horseshoe6668Ari EngelUnited States83,500 

Official End of Day 1 Chip Counts (completo)

Livello 15
Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Dzmitry Urbanovich pl
Dzmitry Urbanovich
292,000 99,000
Day 1 Chip Leader
Chris Hundley us
Chris Hundley
261,500 261,500
Shaun Deeb us
Shaun Deeb
255,500 66,500
WSOP 6X Winner
Nick Schulman us
Nick Schulman
241,500 -1,500
WSOP 4X Winner
John Monnette us
John Monnette
222,500 116,500
Day 2 Chip Leader
WSOP 5X Winner
Joseph Villella us
Joseph Villella
208,000 208,000
Ben Yu us
Ben Yu
191,000 158,000
WSOP 4X Winner
Tim Frazin us
Tim Frazin
189,500 11,500
Victor Ramdin us
Victor Ramdin
187,500 -18,500
Kevin Iacofano us
Kevin Iacofano
185,500 185,500
Rodney Pardey us
Rodney Pardey
182,500 182,500
WSOP 2X Winner
Everett Carlton us
Everett Carlton
171,500 130,500
Terrence Hastoo us
Terrence Hastoo
146,000 146,000
Bruce Levitt us
Bruce Levitt
145,000 145,000
David "Bakes" Baker us
David "Bakes" Baker
139,000 109,500
WSOP 3X Winner
Raymond Henson us
Raymond Henson
137,500 137,500
DJ Buckley us
DJ Buckley
130,500 93,500
David Singer us
David Singer
128,500 27,500
Andrew Hasdal us
Andrew Hasdal
128,000 128,000
Christopher Adams us
Christopher Adams
127,500 127,500
James Paluszek us
James Paluszek
125,500 125,500
John Cernuto us
John Cernuto
123,000 -28,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Hojeong Lee us
Hojeong Lee
116,000 21,000
David Bach us
David Bach
115,500 57,500
WSOP 3X Winner
Peter Lynn us
Peter Lynn
111,500 73,500

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Schulman Takes A Massive One From O'Dell

Livello 15

A player completed and Nick Schulman put in a two-bet which O'Dell called. The initial completer put in a three-bet and both O'Dell and Schulman called.

Nick Schulman: XxXx/QJ39/Xx
Player: XxXx/76410/Xx
Frankie O'Dell: XxXx/J2Q8/Xx

Action checked through on fourth street then Schulman bet out on fifth street. Both remaining players called.

The sixth street saw the same bet-call repeated. On seventh street, Schulman bet once more. O'Dell folded and the other player called.

Schulman tabled Q93 for queens and nines which saw his opponent muck and the three-time bracelet winner took down a massive pot late in the night.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Nick Schulman us
Nick Schulman
243,000 87,000
WSOP 4X Winner
Frankie O'Dell us
Frankie O'Dell
36,000 15,000
WSOP 3X Winner

Tags: Frankie O'DellNick Schulman

Mueller Makes a Flush

Livello 15

Greg Mueller: AJ3/K934
Mike Gorodinsky: XxXx/5710J/Xx

Mike Gorodinsky called a bet from Greg Mueller on fourth street and then raised a bet from Mueller on fifth. Mueller called and then called a bet from Gorodinsky on sixth.

Both players checked on seventh and Mueller tabled AJ3 for the nut flush.

Gorodinsky mucked his hand and Mueller collected the pot.

Giocatore Chip Avanzamento
Greg Mueller ca
Greg Mueller
161,000 22,000
WSOP 3X Winner
Mike Gorodinsky us
Mike Gorodinsky
72,000 59,000
WSOP 3X Winner

Tags: Greg MuellerMike Gorodinsky

Livello: 15

Ante: 1,000
Bring-In: 1,000
Completion: 3,000
Limits: 3,000-6,000