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Main Event

[Removed:39] Bursts The Bubble


[Removed:39] has just earned the title of bubble boy after being eliminated from WPT Malta at the hands of Ilan Boujenah.

Alessio Isaia opened to 8,500 in early position and Berendsen three-bet 30,000 of his 50,000 stack. Everyone else got out of the way but Boujenah moved all-in from the blinds. Isaia folded but Berendsen called and the cards were revealed.


The {3-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{2-Hearts} flop kept Boujenah in the lead and the {A-Hearts} in the turn failed to change anything and when the {k-Hearts} landed on the turn it was all over for Berendsen and we are now in the money in the WPT Malta Main Event.

Chip counts
Ilan Boujenah il 200,000 90,000
[Removed:39] Eliminato

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